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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 5 Women In The Nigerian Tech Space You Should Know

In March 2019, Tech Cabal introduced the Tech Women Lagos portrait series to profile several women who have made an impact in the Nigerian tech industry.

Interestingly, some of these women have no background in coding whatsoever but have ventured into several other relevant fields in the tech space

Here are five of them below:

Maya Horgan Famodu

Maya Horgan – Tech Women Lagos

For Maya Horgan Famodu, Venture capitalism is the medium in which startups in Africa can connect with foreign investors to get the funding they need and reach their full potentials for the good of the continent.

The ambitious founder of has all the knowledge and experience to understand the dynamics of business between the United States and the continent of Africa. This is due to the fact that she was raised in the US for many years and developed a keenness to redirect the surplus of resources available in the US to Africa.

Moreover, she gained valuable experience while working in a private equity firm and seeing how startups suffer in the absence of funding. Maya has worked with several clients including Y Combinator, 500 Startups, New Relic, USAID, GitHub, and Techstars.

Tarebi Alebiosu

Tarebi Alebiosu – Tech Women Lagos

Steeped in a world of computers from a young age and during the era of dial-up connectivity, Tarebi Alebiosu took the technology route with the guidance of her tech enthusiast father. Today, Tarebi is the founder of Yoke Solutions Limited which has been in existence since 2006.

The company has provided tech solutions to over 200 organisations including the Lagos State Government, Rural Electrification Agency, Adam Smith International, the National Theatre and Topbrass Aviation.

Tarebi is also the founder of Ytrivia, the first live trivia gaming app in West Africa. Thanks to the number of years she has had in the technology field, Tarebi gained a breadth of experience by building tech solutions in three different regions: London, New York, and Nigeria.

Koromone Koroye

Koromone Koroye – Tech Women Lagos

Koromone Koroye is known for the impact she made at Flutterwave in the short period she spent there as a communications associate. Presently, she works in Communications and Marketing for Clane Nigeria.

However, Koromone’s rise in the tech industry did not start today. Speaking on her venture into technology, she said:

I wiggled my way into the technology industry in 2014. I landed an internship with Mashable in their travel editorial department, and I spent about a year working out of their office in New York.

-Koromone Koroye

She continued by detailing the experience she gained at Mashable,

Mashable gave me my first taste of the cool, startup life; everything from the snack cupboard, daily meetings, dress code, and the office space. Even though most of my work centred around writing and research, I was enamoured by the tech review and water cooler videos that were written, directed and shot in a green room in the office.

A few years later, Koromone was ready to take the tech industry by storm.

I was ready for a new role in a new industry. I put out a tweet (twitter really come through!), I received a direct message an hour later about a small financial technology startup that was looking for a communications associate. I applied, landed the role and was thrust into the crazy world of finance, payment technology, and much more. That small company was called Flutterwave, and well, it’s not so small anymore, she said.—————————

Ifeoluwa Olokode

Ifeoluwa Olokode – Tech Women Lagos

Biology nerd turned technology enthusiast, Ifeoluwa Olokode has over five years of working experience overseeing client and partner relations at startups in New York, London, and Lagos. She describes herself as a “synthesiser and “problem solver” capable of deriving data from different sources and assembling them to form testable insights. Ifeoluwa has overseen the implementation of several technology projects and knows a thing or two about client services, product management and product marketing in the tech space. She currently leads the partnerships and Growth team at Lifebank, a healthcare technology and logistics company.

Folayemi Agusto

Folayemi Agusto – Tech Women Lagos

Folayemi Agusto is the co-founder of Eat Drink Lagos, the go-to platform for everyone in search of the best spots to eat and drink in Lagos. Asides from Eat Drink Lagos, Folayemi has worked in a number of industries including the financial sector and has gained vast experience in digital media and technology. Speaking on what led her to technology, she said:

Honestly, it was my passion for event planning that encouraged me to take apply for a job opening I saw at Andela and that opportunity led me to my current role. At the same time, my love for planning events has also manifested in EatDrinkFestival and I am using technology to take it to the next level.”

Folayemi Agusto

Featured Image Source: Tech Women Lagos

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