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Swap Space Systems: Engineering Web Artisans To Succeed

Over the past few weeks in August, we have looked at different startups in the Coding/Programming sphere of the country who have not only provided solutions to different problems facing the country and Africa as a whole, some of them have gone on to leave a mark on the globe of what Nigerians are capable of creating, thereby changing the narrative. Today’s article will consider our last Startup for this month and it is with a bittersweet feeling I’m doing this, although I should I would love write more about other startups in the tech space. You can send me your suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

When asked about training programs in software development in Lagos, Nigeria, most people would mention Andela. But aside from Andela, there are other software engineers that are focused on helping Nigerian youths find focus and their place in the vast world of IT while providing a platform for them to find opportunities and take whichever pleases them. One of such software engineering companies is Swap Space System Limited.

Founded in 2011 by James Babalola, Swap Space Systems Ltd is an Information Technology organization established to provide services to her clients in the areas of web development, application development, Laptop repair and maintenance, IT Training and Graphics Designs. Through their strong human resource of dedicated and passionate teachers committed to helping any individual irrespective of their knowledge base in software development. Swap Systems grooms individuals to take on developer or designer roles in top companies in Africa and globally. While satisfying the deep quest for knowledge, they shape their students to become experts in whatever role they choose to take a part in.


Web Development, Information Technology Training, Laptop Repairs and Maintenance, Applications Development/Business Technology.

As part of Swap Space Systems contribution to knowledge, they organize three different classes – Web Development Immersive, POWER BI (Essentials), POWER BI (Advanced), User Experience Immersive and Early Java Programming (Beginners and Intermediate classes). Interested in any of the courses? Check out their course catalogue or apply here.


Some of the graduates of their class have gone on to fan the embers of passion for design and game development and also work in different design firms.

Makinwa Olubukola in an interview with Tech Cabal shared her story on who she had studied Computer Science but with the training, she received at Swap Space, was able to expand her knowledge base while learning web development and how to develop a game to eventually working with Swap Space. Today, she is the lead facilitator in Andela.

Totun Fari also figured out her career path in design and now works as a Designer in Cregital.

Another amazing story is Yadi Emeka who found value and knowledge and is satisfied as a Freelance Designer.

These testimonies are not just one in millions or fabricated from the figment of one’s imagination, rather they are people we would ordinarily pass over on a busy day but who have found focus and opportunities which most people dream of.

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Swap Space Systems

Featured Image Source: Swap Space Systems

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