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One of the pioneers of online job search engines in Nigeria, Jobberman has catered for millions of job seekers since its launch in 2007. The co-founders, Ayodeji Adewunmi (who has now left the company to join Gokada), Ope Awoyemi, and Lekan Olude were just University undergraduates when they started out on their entrepreneurship venture. Today, Jobberman has become the go-to platform for millions of people in search of a reputable platform to find jobs.

How It All Began

Inspired by India’s biggest job search engine, Ayodeji, Ope, and Lekan sought ways to provide students with an alternative job sourcing platform during an ongoing industrial strike. They were studying at Obafemi Awolowo University and had seen the potentials the Internet had to offer. Together, they hatched the idea for Jobberman and launched a website with one goal in mind: create a platform for job seekers and employers. They were going to change how people searched for jobs and at the same time, provide employers with the right platform to advertise job vacancies and find eligible candidates to fill them. Prior to Jobberman, nothing like it had ever existed in Nigeria, hence there was no guarantee that it would be successful. However, through their wealth of experience in relevant fields (technology, sales, and strategy), funding from savings, and later, investor, they pushed their business to success. Today, Jobberman caters for over 1.5 million users.

Few Facts About Jobberman

– Seeing the value Jobberman had to offer, Tiger Global, a New York-based fund, became an investor in Jobberman just three years after its launch.

– Jobberman has a subsidiary in Ghana and plans to spread its operations all over Africa.

– It has a strong social media presence with over 300,000 Facebook fans and 60,000 Twitter followers.

– In 2012, Forbes magazine named Jobberman as one of Africa’s Top 20 Tech Startups. 

– When Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria in 2016, he referenced/tagged the Jobberman founders as “examples of young Nigerians using digital technology to make an impact across Africa.”

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