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Women You Should know: Binta Ayo Mogaji

Binta Ayo Mogaji is an actress well known for many her appearance in Yoruba movies and fondly referred to as Igbanladogi, a name she got from her role in a film titled ‘IGBALADOGI’ years back. Binta Ayo Mogaji is a veteran Nigerian actress and was born in 1964. Mogaji is a native of Agbo-Ile, Ibadan. Her father is an Islamic cleric, while her mother is an education administrator.

Binta Ayo Mogaji: Of the Conservative Stock

Binta Ayo Mogaji has been very active in Nollywood, but with more attention to the Yoruba film making the industry. Her first home video film was Mojere, and was recorded in the Yoruba Dialect. Due to her outstanding performances, She was awarded best actress at the REEL Awards. In 2015, Mogaji debunked filmmakers’ preference for younger generation actors in Nollywood. She explained that their reasons cannot be based on the act of professionalism, because there is nothing younger actors were doing that the older ones can’t still do. In addition to that, Mogaji explained her strong anti-nudism stance. The reason for this is primarily credited to her Islamic background. Her background has influenced the roles she takes. According to her, in all her decades of acting, she has never acted semi-nude or kissed throughout her decades of practising as an actress. She is a very anti-nudism actress; conservative in every sense of the word. She noted that her disposition and displeasure towards nudism is well known to the producers she works with, highlighting that they know the type of roles she can play and not play.

Binta Ayo Mogaji: Delving into The Theatrical Life

Binta Ayo Mogaji stated that her acting career started whiles she was a kid. The opportunity for a kid actor arose and she arose as a kid actor in response to the opportunity. She stated that the opportunity at that time was the beginning of her professional acting career. Professional because prior to that time, she had been acting in school. But since Mogaji started, she has not found the reason to stop yet.

She has acted in Ghana, London, Birmingham, and other parts of the United Kingdom as well as acted in stage plays in South Africa too. She has done more than 300 stage plays in her acting career including acting in plays written by literary greats such as Professor Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi amongst many others. She also starred in the convocation play of the 50th anniversary of the University of Ibadan in 1998. The play was called ‘T’egan ni’ and was written by Prof Femi Osofisan. According to film critic Shaibu Husseini however, Mogaji has been a part of at least 800 films, television and theatre productions.

Some of the movies she has starred in include: Pasito Deinde (2005), Àkóbí Gómìnà 2 (2002), Eni Eleni 2 (2005), Nowhere to be Found, Why Worry the Barber?, Sergeant Okoro, Igbalandogi, Mojere, Owo Blow, Ti Oluwa Nile (1992), Motherhood, Owo Ale, Ileke, Ojuju, Ile Olorogun, Checkmate.

She has been married to Ayo Oduleye, a British Born Nigerian Psychotherapist.



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