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3 Ways to Enjoy Nigeria on Independence Day

Nigeria is filled with tons of invigorating tourist attractions. There is something for everyone – resorts to relax in, natural wonders to explore, adventures to undertake and much more. Here are 3 ways you can enjoy Nigeria on Independence Day.

1. Immerse Yourself in Cultural Tourism

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Eyo Festival – The Guardian Nigeria

Nigerians are very warm, caring and welcoming people. With over 250 languages, it is impossible not to marvel at the different cultural displays. From food tourism and national museums across the country to festivals and carnivals, our daily routines, and folklore surrounding specific tourist destinations, what’s not to love?

Some foreigners have had to attend traditional weddings as part of their travel itinerary because the culture in Nigeria is so fascinating. Imagine having to dress up in Bini attire just to enter the Oba’s Palace to see it and the artefacts in his museum. There are even tribes like the Kambari people of Niger State, the Jibu of Taraba, and Koma people of Adamawa who still maintain their pre-historic cultural identity despite the advance of modernisation.

In addition, experience the calm lifestyle of people in the city of Uyo and Abuja, the hustle and bustle of Lagos and Onitsha, the friendly and simple nature of the people in Bauchi and Kaduna. Nigeria has a lot to offer anyone interested in cultural tourism.

2. Delve into History and Art

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Nok Art – Jumia Travel

We have places of historical relevance all over the country, from the slave trade routes and the points of no return to ruins of cities dating beyond the pre-colonial era. For instance, you could take a trip to Badagry, or the Slave Trade Museum in Calabar for the Nigerian slave trade history. Visit the museum in Abia State for more on the Biafran Civil war history. There are even existing structures that were built centuries ago that have now been updated with modern architecture like the Ebira’s Palace in Kwara State or the Old Oyo empire with Portuguese styled houses in Oyo State.

Speaking of aesthetics, Nigerian artisans have been blowing minds since the Benin Invasion in 1897. Art Galleries that showcase paintings, stencil work, and sculpture are not hard to find. If art galleries don’t appeal to you, you can get affordable street artworks. There are loads of places all over the country with artworks worth seeing. Notable art sites include the Naraguta Leatherworks in Plateau State, the Ladi Kwali Pottery Centre in Niger State, and Susan Wenger’s House in Osun.

3. Have an Adventure

Image result for lekki leisure lake
Lekki Leisure Lake – Jumia Travel

Nigeria is bursting at the seams with amazing natural and man-made landmarks that it is impossible to not have an adventure on any trip. You can hike to the centre of the nation at Mount Gishiri in Abuja or see the only suspended lake in Africa at Ado Awaye in Oyo State. You could also chase waterfalls like Agbokim Falls or enjoy a dip in the warm spring of Ikogosi from the resort’s pool. Let’s not forget that kayaking is now a thing, so you could do that in places like Jabi Lake. Then there are amusement parks for thrill-seekers like Hi-Impact Planet in Ogun and Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos or enjoy a boat cruise at Lekki in Lagos state.

If hanging out at the beach is your thing, there are tons of beaches all over the country. Go snorkelling at beaches like the Ibeno Beach in Akwa Ibom or Abraka Beach in Delta. When you are all tuckered out, hang out in resorts the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi or Inagbe Resort in Lagos. Also plan to feast your eyes on the never mixing waters at Oguta Lake in Imo State or glimpse the confluence of River Niger and Benue at Lokoja in Kogi State.

The list of fun things to do on Independence Day is endless. With October 1st just here, there is no reason to stay cooped up indoors all day. Explore Nigeria with fresh eyes and a curious mind; you won’t be disappointed.

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