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App Of The Week: Tremendoc

Healthcare in Nigeria is one sector that is in dire need of attention. There is a high demand for doctors in Nigeria, yet an alarming scarcity that is currently on the rise. The lack of awareness on the importance of regular checkups and consulting the doctor is another problem facing the system. These and the fact that quality healthcare is not affordable or easily accessible are a recipe for disaster

Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation estimated that there are 4 medical doctors to every 10,000 Nigerians. This is as a result of the fact that more than 40,000 of 75,000 registered doctors in Nigeria are practising outside the country. Another large percentage of doctors either have side jobs or are unemployed. This goes without saying that the patient to doctor ratio is at such an alarming rate that ease and affordability of health care dwindle by the day.

In a bid to tackle this problem, Jay Chikezie, co-founder of Nairabox has launched a mobile application that seeks to disrupt the healthcare system in Nigeria. The app, Tremendoc, is a seamless and convenient platform allowing users 24/7 access to licensed doctors via audio call, video call or text. Not only does this benefits the patient, but doctors also have a conducive platform where they can practise efficiently. Hence, Tremendoc is bridging the gap between patients and doctors in Nigeria.

Jay Chikezie unveiled the app on the 21st of August, with award-winning actress Osas Ighodaro as its brand ambassador. Speaking on her reason for joining the Tremendoc, she said, 

After dealing with the traumatic experience of losing my sister, I knew that something had to change in Nigeria’s healthcare system. That’s why I’m so on board with the release of the TREMENDOC app. It could have helped my sister and it can help so many lives across Nigeria.

– Osas Ighodaro

The founder, Jay Chikezie, believes Tremendoc has all the required features to promote efficient health care in Nigeria.

Tremendoc is the best solution to Nigeria’s healthcare issue. It is fast, it’s affordable and it’s super convenient. It’s literally as convenient as chatting to friends on social media. I felt it was important to create and promote this app to improve the landscape of the country’s health sector and create a better and healthier Nigeria.

– Jay Chikezie, Founder

Getting The App

Tremendoc is available on the Google Play store at a downloadable size of 8.4 MB. It is compatible with Android versions 5.0 and above. You can also download the app from the Apple store.

Tremendoc gives the first-time user a 30-day trial to access licensed doctors 24/7 via video call, audio call or chat. Once this trial is over, they can decide to subscribe to the service at a fee of N 1000/month.

Click on any of the links below to download the app depending on the kind device you use.



Featured Image Source: Tremendoc

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