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Connect Nigeria’s Writers’ Conference 2019

Writers of all sorts; scripts, poems, music, news, etc. This is the conference! Especially if you desire and are seeking ways of turning your passion for writing into a profitable business. As much as writing in itself is fulfilling and brings fame, acclaim, and accolades, it is also ideally a craft that should put food on the table, pay bills and fund itself. In other words, writing is business in itself (or at least, should be). This is what the Connect Nigeria Writers’ Conference 2019 is about – an event designed to educate you on monetizing your passion for writing and generating sustainable income from your writing career.

About the Conference

The Writers’ Conference 2019 is a platform fashioned out to create a community where writers can exchange ideas, share information, form partnerships and grow together. This year, the intent is to explore this theme through workshops, panels and keynote speeches, putting together a bigger programme of events. The objective, as earlier stated, is to basically “expose writers to the various money-making opportunities in different fields of writing.” The focus is to emphasize practical and possible ways of making money in today’s tech-oriented and extremely competitive world. To achieve this, the conference is designed in a practical and ‘down-to-earth’ as possible manner. It is to enable a honing of talents, skills while turning these to money. In addition to that, it is intended to strangle convoluted and pipedream expectations, leaving participants with concrete and real-world applicable value.

The Writers’ Conference is targeted at aspiring writers to help them develop the requisite skill to thrive in today’s business environment.

The Panel of Speakers for the Conference

The Conference entails learning from seasoned experts on what is needed to improve your writing and thrive in the business world. In the light of that, the Connect Nigeria’s Writers’ Conference 2019 gathered the best of the best in the field of writing in all of Nigeria to share their ideas and tips on how to make money through writing. Below is a list of some of the seasoned speakers lined-up for this year’s writers’ conference:

  • Dare Olaitan –Scriptwriter
  • Chioma Ngaikedi -Poet, Film Maker
  • Arukaino Umukoro – Journalist
  • Sally Kenneth-Dadzie –Author
  • Efe Paul Azino – Poet
  • Jerry Chiemeke -Editor, Culture Critic, Lawyer
  • Vangegh Begha – Author, Writer, Creator
  • Awele Ilusanmi – Author
  • Tomilola Adeyemo – Scriptwriter
  • Olu Balogun – Writer, Poet
  • Joey Akan –Journalist
  • Oghenekome Ozoro – Editor
  • Sunday Abegunde – Author
  • Chidi Nwaogu- Co-founder & CEO of Publiseer
  • Chika Nwaogu- Co-founder & CEO of Publiseer

For this year, the Official Event Partner of Connect Nigeria’s Writers’ Conference 2019 is Okadabooks. Okadabooks is a book reading/publishing platform for anyone who’s looking forward to publishing any written content or reading published works. It’s basically an Application for everyone, for FREE.

Below is a summary of the Connect Nigeria Writers Conference 2019 details:

The theme of the conference is “The Business of Writing: Translating Writing Into Money”

The date of the Conference is September 21, 2019

The venue of the conference is Seedspace, Parkview, Ikoyi, Lagos

Time of the event 10 am – 5 pm

Participation in this totally free

You’re welcome to attend the event. You can also follow the event from anywhere around the world using the hashtag #CNWritersConference2019

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Jeremiah Aluwong

Jeremiah is a scholar and a poet. He has a keen eye for studying the world and is passionate about people. He tweets at @jeremiahaluwong.

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