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Crazy About the North Central: 3 Things To Do in Abuja

Abuja is the second most populous city in Nigeria after Lagos. The seat of power resides here because it is at the country’s centre and is a neutral ground where all Nigerians, regardless of ethnicity, can thrive in harmony. Abuja is famed for its potential in tourism, from the iconic Zuma Rock and other surrounding hills to the architectural edifices that pop up daily in the city. This is one place every tourist should visit if time permits.

Here are three things you can do when in Abuja:

Have a City Tour

ECOWAS Secretariat – Sierra Leone News

There are lots of interesting places and monuments to see in Abuja. Architectural monuments include the City Gate, the National Christian Centre with its neo-gothic design, the National Mosque, the National Library, the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre, the ship-like building of the Ministry of Defense and the ECOWAS Secretariat amongst others. Most of these are around the Central Business District.

For great cuisine, include a trip to cool restaurants like the Pier Restaurant, the Skybar Rooftop Lounge, Jabi Boat Club, Blucabana and the restaurant at the Dunes.

Also, parks like the Millennium Park in Maitama district, Area 1 Recreation Garden in Garki, Eden Parks and Garden in Utako, and Julius Berger Waterfront Park in Kado, offer great relaxation spots. Round up your trip with a nighttime thrill at The Secret Garden.

Have an Adventure

Jabi Boat Club – Visit Nigeria Now

Abuja may not look like it but there are lots of adventurous activities tourists can engage in. You can go on boat rides at Jabi Boat Club; hike up Aso Rock and explore its caves just behind the Presidential Villa in Asokoro, or zip-line at Zuma Rock. You can also go bowling, play billiard games and enjoy the Abuja Amusement park in Trukadero Place, Wuse.

The Pedam Lake and Usman Dam provide more spots for picnics. The Abuja Zoological Garden in Garki, and the Arboretum in Asokoro District, also provide animal lovers with places to visit.

Experience Art and Crafts

Nike Art Gallery – Wikimedia Commons

Abuja is home to many art galleries like the Nike Art Centre, Omega Gallery and Thought Pyramid Gallery. You can also watch the process of pottery making at Bwari or Ushafa Pottery Village. And leave with a souvenir like a Gwari water pot, pitcher, teapot or casserole dish.

Abuja is full of amazing places to visit. Simply take some time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. 

Featured image source: Hotels NG

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