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Crazy About the South East: 3 Things To Do in Plateau State

Visiting Plateau State was on Prince Charles’ itinerary during his visit to Nigeria last year because of the amazing tourism experience it offers. The capital city, Jos, is more than enough to keep you occupied with activities. From the weather to the landscape, there’s so much to explore in this highland state.

Here are 3 things you can do in Plateau State to make your stay:

1. Go Hiking or Rock Climbing

Shere Hills – The 234 Project

Literally, plateaus surround this state. On your way out to Kaduna by road, you’ll drive up a scary mountain plain which is both adventurous and terrific. That’s why it is ideal for hiking and rock climbing. With the likes of Shere Hills, Wase Rocks, Riyom Rock formation, Kurang Volcanic Mountain, and Pundong Crater, you may have to trek quite a distance before attempting to conquer the region. Even the waterfalls in the state are surrounded by huge boulders of rocks sometimes laced with lush green vegetations, creating scenic views of these locations. This state is truly a hiker/climber’s paradise.

2. Learn about History

Image result for jos museum
Jos Museum – Visit Nigeria Now

Plateau State isn’t really known as a historic place, but it has a treasure of immense value – its museum! Unlike most regular museums where you just go to view artefacts, the Jos Museum (also known as the National Museum Complex) includes the Museum of Nigeria Traditional Architecture. Here you get to see artworks like the Nok Terracotta heads and pottery works dating 500 BC – 200 AD. There are also remnants of the tin mining and colonial times and also the architecture used by prehistoric Nigerians to create buildings. The life-sized replicas of the walls of Kano, a mosque in Zaria, a Tiv Village, and a variety of buildings are an archaeological delight to behold.

3. Family or Personal Getaway

Image result for jos wildlife park
Jos Wildlife Park – Information Nigeria

There are many sights that make Plateau ideal for a getaway. If you are going with a family, you can plan trips to the Jos Wildlife Park, Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Panyam Fish Farm, Assop Falls, Jos Zoological Garden, Kurra Falls (man-made), Helena Farm, Naraguta Leatherworks, Gwaram Forest Reserve, Padam Game Reserve and Lake, amongst others. A week-long vacation of sightseeing and picnics will ensure your kids will never forget it. Jos is also a great place if you want a personal retreat. The hotels are affordable. Some are within walking distance of tourism locations while others are so far out you have no option than to rest and relax indoors. Whatever you do, don’t forget to sample the cuisine through restaurants and go on a city tour through the capital city, Jos.

Plateau is indeed the home of peace and tourism. From rocks, rapids and waterfalls, to museums, nature and parks, this is one state that is worth visiting.

Featured image source: Research Gate

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