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Movies to Watch this Weekend: Kasanova

Rainy September is one of the best months to watch a romantic comedy at the cinema with someone special. My recommendation this week is a film that promises to be full of drama, laughter, and love.

What is it about?

Kasanova is a film about the different ways people experience relationships. It’s about the long lasting effects of pain and loss,  and the magic of finding love in unexpected places. A part of the story is also about the difficulties of parenting, and the challenges we face when our decisions can affect another person’s happiness.

I’ll give you a quick summary. Femi Gbadamosi and Ms. Jessica are two people with broken hearts. Because of their experiences, the two of them have strong and very different opinions about life and love. They are both single parents who have been in previous relationships that didn’t end well. They meet and begin to fall in love with each other. But will their new-found love last? The combined drama of their complicated lives may be too much for everyone involved. 

Who is in it?

Wale Ojo plays the character of Femi Gbadamosi, a Lagos playboy who lost his respect for women when he lost his wife. Iretiola Doyle is Ms. Jessica, a saucy, classy, and busy music instructor who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Abayomi Alvin and Ruby Akubueze also appear in this film. If you watched the 3rd season of the MTV web series Shuga, you’ll remember their brilliant acting skills. Ruby Akubueze especially, is an amazing actress. I’m excited to see her performance in this film. Also in this film are Odunlade Adekola, Toyin Abraham, Ayo Makun, Helen Paul, and Ayo Magaji.

Why you should watch it

The teaser for Kasanova begins with a hilarious scene of Femi making some disrespectful comments about women in a public place. Jessica overhears him and confronts him with some very sharp words of her own. We can assume that this is the first time the two characters meet, and in spite of the initial drama, they find a reason to continue speaking to each other. Next thing we know, they’re suddenly laughing and spending time together in lonely places.

What can the classy Jessica possibly see in a man who has such horrible opinions about women? And what is it about Jessica that would make Femi willing to move on and forget the pain of losing his childhood sweetheart? Will the qualities they see in each other be enough to keep them together? It’ll be interesting to find out.

Kasanova was directed by Seyi Asurf and co-written by Tomi Adesina and Ugo Israel. Seyi Asurf is popular for his 2017 film Hakkunde, an emotional and inspiring movie about a young Nigerian graduate struggling to forge a path for himself. The film was produced by FilmOne in conjunction with Fojo Media.

Kasanova is out in cinemas today. I’ll see you there. I’ll be in the darkest corner trying to hide my tears at all the sad parts.


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