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Places to Eat in Abuja

Abuja is Nigeria’s seat of power. Most government agencies in the country have their headquarters in this city. However, Abuja is not just about serious business. It is a beautiful city surrounded by hills and gigantic rocks. Among Abuja’s landmarks are the National Mosque, the neo-gothic National Church of Nigeria, the Millennium Tower and the Zuma Rock, the natural icon of the city, a huge 725 m high monolith, that dominates the landscape.

Food is one interesting connection that business and tourism share. It is a powerful motivation for human activities; it also a vital part of most travel experience. The dining scene in Abuja is an absolute delight. At the many restaurants, joints and relaxation spots in the city where Nigerian food is served, you would find that the dishes are a fusion of different culinary traditions within the country. I haven’t been to Abuja in a while but my fun loving cousins, Onyinye and Chinelo live in the capital city. They were gracious enough to share these reviews with me. So, if you are vacationing in Abuja or you’re in the capital city for business, here are 5 places where you can eat.

Grills 101

This is the home of all grillables. They serve everything from grilled chicken and fish, to beef and lamb. But their menu is not limited to grilled food. They also serve masa, gurasa, chips, and salad amongst others. They do not sell alcohol but their mocktail menu offers a vast array of interesting alternatives. Grills 101 is almost always crammed but service is brisk. So, if you want an orgasmic chicken experience or a taste of heavenly masa, then visit Grills 101. This joint is located at No. 4 Agadez Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. 


This restaurant is located on Lagos Street, Garki 2, Abuja. Bonoze Restaurant offers a variety of homemade meals. Their prices are reasonable too. Because the restaurant is in a plaza, parking space is minimal; sometimes, customers have to park by the roadside. Bonoze Restaurant has a policy of cash payment for orders above five thousand naira. The staff are efficient; they do not mix roles so each staff focuses on his job. 

Jevinik Restaurant

This chain restaurant offers guests a serene dining experience. It is perfect for business meetings. The menu displays a variety of traditional recipes drawn from the different ethnic groups within the country. The food is good and affordable. The portions are generous too.

Floris Garden and Park

In the heart of the city is this home of classy entertainment. The garden is well groomed. Patrons can sit indoor or outdoor. The karaoke which holds every Thursday is always on point. The food is straight from mama’s kitchen and the service is awesome. In addition, the parking lot is large and secure.

Fuschia Restaurant

If you know the Efik-Ibibio, then you should know that they no dey carry last on top food matter. This restaurant offers mouthwatering native meals infused with a taste of Calabar. At Fuschia Restaurant, food is mouthwatering and the prices are reasonable. Customers can also place orders online too. The décor is beautiful and modern. Fuschia restaurant is perfect for dates and meetings.

Featured image source: Jevinik NG

Here’s a directory to more restaurants in Abuja.

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