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Social Media Accounts To Follow: These Nigerians Are Making Us Proud With Their Impressive Innovations

Over the years, we’ve seen the rise of several young individuals who have proved that Nigerian and Africa can take centre stage when it comes to science and technology.

The young minds have gone viral at one point or the other for their remarkable inventions.

Here are 4 Nigerians putting Nigeria on the map when it comes to technology and innovation.

The Critics


The critics are a crew of 8 Nigeria kids who shoot Science Fiction films with just a smartphone. They went viral after renowned filmmaker Kemi Adetiba gave them a shout out on Twitter.

Using a cracked smartphone and a broken microphone stand as their tripod, the group shoots short sci-fi films that have garnered massive attention from many around the world.

According to them, they learned visual effects by watching YouTube tutorials and had to save for a month to buy green fabric for Chroma Key Composting. They have shot about 20 10-minute short films which centre on supernatural beings such as aliens and superheroes.


Basil Okpara Jr 


9 year-olds who spend their time building games are a rare breed. One such individual is Basil Okpara who has over 30 mobile games using the programing language Scratch. 

Initially, Basil behaved like many his age – playing games all day to a point where it became excessive. However, a strong rebuke from his father about his behaviour prompted him to start building games instead of just playing them. 

In his father’s words:

Instead of playing these games, why don’t you build your own so that other kids can play.

Basil Okpara Snr

Soon, young Basil was enthusiastic about creating games that he and other kids could play. Thrilled by his seriousness, his father bought him a laptop and registered him in a Bootcamp where he learned to code with Scratch 2. 

Today, Basil has built over 30 mobile games with Scratch and has one of them, Frog Attack, on Google Play store! At such a young age, Basil proves you can do anything set your mind to do. 


Emeka Nelson


With a strong passion for innovation, 26-year-old Emeka Nelson has come up with a water-generator that he believes can solve Nigeria’s epileptic power supply.

He went viral a few months ago after his new invention caught the eye of the public. Without a bachelor’s degree or any formal education in engineering, Emeka has taken the path of technology and innovation and is excelling greatly at it.

His water power generator is still in its test run phase but it has the capacity to blossom if given a chance. Aside from the generator, Emeka has an impressive portfolio of inventions under his belt including an A generator of 220 volts and a machine that converts waste into petrol and diesel.


Silas Adekunle 

Leadership Newspaper

In 2018, Silas Adekunle made headlines for his exploits in the field of Robotics. The 27-year-old is the founder of Reach Robotics, a company that is big on consumer Robotics. 

After obtaining a Robotics degree from the University of West England, Silas Adekunle founded his company and launched its flagship product, MekaMon. Today, MekaMon has sold over 500 bots and generated $ 7.5 million dollars.

With this success, Silas Adekule had earned the partnership of Behemoth organisations like Apple and London Venture Partners. 

At age 26, Silas made Forbes’ latest 30 Under 30 list for European Technology. 


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Featured Image Source: Leadership Newspaper

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