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Social Media Accounts To Follow: These Nigerians Made The Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 List | Technology Category |Part 2

In July, Forbes Africa released its 30 under 30 list which contains the names of 120 high-flying individuals under four categories: business, technology, creatives, and sports. These individuals have done amazingly well in their respective fields, hence the recognition by Forbes.

Last week, we looked at the high-achieving individuals in the technology space who appeared on the list. Find below the second part of this list below: 

Silas Adekunle 


As a young boy, Silas Adekunle left Nigeria to study Robotics, a field he has always been passionate about. He has gained so much knowledge and experience in the field that he created his prototype in 2014. 

MekaMon, the prototype Silas built, is the world’s first augmentative reality gaming robot that has sold over 500 bots and generated a whopping $ 7.5 million. 

In addition to this, Silas, as well as his co-founders Chris Beck and John Rees, partnered with Apple in the UK and US. 

In 2018, he made headlines for his many achievements and for his plan to utilize MekaMon for the advancement of education among STEM students.


Joshua Chibueze, 26, Somto Ifezue, 28, and Odunayo Eweniyi, 26.

These alumni of Covenant University have set out to enhance the way in which Nigerians manage their finances. They first launched in 2014, an online job portal that helps employers source for the right candidates. 

In 2016, they founded PiggyVest (formerly PiggyBank) which is their most popular and successful venture. PiggyVest is a digital “savings box” that helps to promote a savings culture among Nigerians. 

(formerly PiggyBank) which is their most popular and successful venture. PiggyVest is a digital “savings box” that helps to promote a savings culture among Nigerians. 

Today, PiggyVest has not only become a million-dollar company but has also won awards such as Future Awards Africa Prize In Technology 2018, the Business Day Top 100 SMEs, and the 2017 Village Capital Fintech.

This year, Eweniyi was given the award for SME Entrepreneur of the Year at Wealth and Society West Africa for 2019.




Uka Eje 

Uka Eje once sold KFC and Catfish pepper soup and went on to launch a food e-commerce site, all of which failed.

However, he strived on until he succeeded in founding Thrive Agric, an agritech company that collaborates with smallholder farmers in Nigeria to enable them to finance their businesses. 

Since Thrive Agric began operations, it has succeeded in funding over 15,000 farmers across Nigeria. They also boast a total of 110 employees. 

Their most notable achievement to date was becoming one of the participants in the Google Developers Launchpad Space. 

In 2018, Eje himself participated in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). He is also a member of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. 

Chika Madubuko 

In the past, Chika Madubuko grandmother battled diabetes and her family found it difficult finding a caregiver for her. 

We were all busy and couldn’t provide her with the care she deserved. Hiring a caregiver for her was so complicated. Sometimes, miles were traveled in futility to interview one caregiver, and we often ended up with a poorly-trained caregiver.

– Chika said.

This event led her to create a solution that enables patients to gain 24/7 access to insured and professional caregivers. 

The solution, Greymate Care, was launched in 2016 and has since acquired a staff of 20 individuals. 

Chika was one of the finalists for the She Leads Africa Accelerator 2017. She also earned the award for Social Innovation by Women in Africa Philanthropy Entrepreneurs Club Programme.


Featured image source: Techgist

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