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Social Media Marketing Tips: 5 Common Mistakes New Youtubers Make

Youtube is very competitive and also one of the best social channels for doing business. This can be both enticing and intimidating for a new Youtuber. Furthermore, marketing on the most popular search engine in the world after Google can be a very tricky business. 

Here are some mistakes you could be making as a beginner Youtuber that may be preventing your channel from growing the way it should


One common mistake new YouTubers make, in a bid to drive more traffic, is spamming other people’s comments. Spamming could come in the form of promoting yourself excessively or marketing unsolicited products under people’s comments. This is totally different from an engagement which requires that you provide value by having meaningful conversations with people, watching other people’s content and leaving likes. In this way, people come to recognise you for the value you provide rather than just a random person spamming the comment section. 

Acting Like Famous Youtubers 

As a new YouTuber, it is important that you adhere to the principles that guarantee success on Youtube. This means you can’t copy everything you see famous YouTubers doing such as using video titles that only their subscribers would understand. Famous YouTubers can get away with this because they already have a large number of subscribers and can easily drive engagement with titles these subscribers can relate to. As a beginner, your titles have to be highly searchable and relatable to a wider audience because you do not have a considerable number of subscribers or views yet. 


It’s not enough to post many videos in a month and stop showing up for the next 5 months. This will only serve to discourage your few loyal subscribers and divert their attention to someone else who is more consistent with their content. Moreover, Youtube rewards consistent channels, hence the need to show up frequently. 

You can leverage Youtube live when you’re stuck for content to post. This is a great way to ensure consistency while you find more video ideas for your Youtube channel. 

Lack of Enthusiasm 

As a new Youtuber, it is expected that you should be radiating positive energy and eager to share your content with the world. Unfortunately, some Youtubers do not pay attention to their mood and manner in which they appear to their audience. A lack of enthusiasm is the easiest way to drive away viewers faster than the way they came. This is why it is important to make your videos exciting.

Monetising Too Soon 

Starting out on Youtube means you must first build your channel organically before focusing on ads and other monetisation tactics. Posting ads too soon will only distract your potential subscribers. Moreover, you have to have a significant number of views before you can make a substantial amount of money from Youtube ads. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on garnering views before you start trying to monetise your channel with ads. 

Featured Image Source: The Verge

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