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Speakers at the Connect Nigeria Writers’ Conference 2019

The Writers’ Conference 2019 organized by Connect Nigeria will hold on the 21st of September. This year’s theme is Translating Writing into Money, and the objective is to “expose writers to the various money-making opportunities in different fields of writing.”

Words have always been necessary for communication, and communication is what drives interaction between members of a society. But how can writers use this simple fact to improve their income? Through a series of talks, workshops and panels, the Writers’ Conference will explore the different ways a writer can earn a profit in today’s highly competitive and rapidly developing world.

This year, the following speakers will be sharing what they know:

Efe Paul Azino

Paul Azino is a popular performance artist and poet. He has been referred to as someone who “played a pivotal part in lifting the words from the page and giving them life” in the Nigerian spoken word performance space. He is the founder and director of the Lagos International Poetry Festival, the founder of Creative Africa, and the author of the book For Broken Men Who Cross Often.

Efe Azino has partaken in a number of local and international poetry festivals like the Johannesburg Arts Festival; the Spier International Poetry Festival, Cape Town; the Aké Arts and Book Festival; the Taipei Poetry Festival; and The British Council Festival, Lagos. He is a fellow at the OSIWA Foundation, a group which enables advocacy, research, and social transformation. 

Sally Kenneth-Dadzie

Sally is an editor, blogger, and author. Her stories are much loved in the Nigerian internet space. In 2016, she emerged as a bestselling author on the OkadaBooks web publishing platform. In 2017, she won the Nigerian Writers’ Award for Fiction Writer of the Year. Her success is an empowering example of the profitable role modern technology can play in a writer’s career.

Joey Akan

Joey Akan is an award winning music journalist and a self acclaimed source of music intelligence. His articles – thoroughly researched and magically spun tales that carry a reader through some of the most private and controversial events in the Nigerian entertainment industry – have appeared on national and international platforms like The New Yorker, CNN, Fader, the New York Times, Okay Africa and Guardian Nigeria.

Mr Akan has spent many years investigating and reporting the Nigerian music industry. His articles and opinions on the industry’s current affairs are influential and largely unchallenged.

Dare Olaitan

Dare Olaitan is a scriptwriter and filmmaker. In 2016, he wrote and directed the film Ojukokoro with a camera, a petrol station, one prop gun and a briefcase. These were the only things he had access to at that time. Ojukokoro was a surprising success. It screened at the Africa International Film Festival in 2016 as well as at the Metrograph movie theatre in New York in 2017.

Dare is an alumnus of the Colorado Film School. Ojukokoro was nominated for Best Screenplay at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2018. His second film, Knockout Blessing.

Tomilola Coco Adeyemo

Tomilola is an author, screenwriter, content creator and blogger. Her writing is vivid, unapologetic, and compelling. She served as a story editor, researcher and writer on the Africa Magic shows Forbidden and Hush, and she has written and researched scripts for the MTV Base web series Shuga. She’s also the team lead on the True Nollywood Stories website. Some of her most popular novellas are Becomin’ Mrs. Carter, The Reunion, and Dangerous Passion







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