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In a world where autism and other psychological disorders are largely misunderstood, a trained behaviour analyst is using her wealth of experience to create awareness about these disorders. This behaviour analyst, who goes by the name Toks Bakare, launched as a platform where parents of children with autism and other disorders can seek professional help. 

Toks Bakare is a UK trained behaviour analyst who has over a decade in the field of developmental psychology. She spent years in the UK working for an organisation that conducts extensive research on treatment for children who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

In a bid to carry out more research and determine what measures were taken to care for special needs children in Nigeria, Toks Bakare relocated to Nigeria in 2014. After her return to Nigeria, she discovered the system relied on outdated programs and was bereft of the knowledge and expertise to administer treatment for such disorders. 

Speaking with Connect Nigeria, she said: 

The few centres and schools that were available delivered outdated and sometimes harmful programs they called therapies. Children were misunderstood and quite often misdiagnosed, many were being neglected, and attitudes these disorders were ignorant at best. 

The clear and urgent need for my expertise was striking so I left England, relocated and set up an organisation for delivering ABA treatment in Nigeria called Now, is a platform for families in need of professional behavioural advice, treatment and support.

We are a medium used to create an engaged, informed community, shaping the future of how we understand and interact with people with neurodevelopmental disorders.

-Toks Bakare

Through, Toks Bakare is providing cutting-edge psychological treatment methods for children with neurodevelopmental disorders and disseminating information to help create awareness and remove the stigma surrounding these disorders. 

Mode of Services 

Asktoks provides topnotch psychotherapy treatment for special needs children, trains professional therapists and creates awareness through its blog and resources on various mental health disorders. Through its Applied Behaviour Analyst (ABA) programmes, it collaborates with parents, caregivers, teachers, nannies, and therapists to effectively implement these treatment methods. 

With the apathetic manner in which autism and other related psychological disorders are perceived in Nigeria, services such as are a breath of fresh air. 

Featured Image Source: @asktoks – Twitter

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