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For a long time, Nigerian freelancers have had to access jobs through foreign platforms. There have been little or no indigenous freelance websites for Nigerians to do meaningful works and get paid for their input. This, however, is changing in recent times. There are now a good number of freelance platforms springing up to provide Nigerians with employment and help businesses get their projects executed by reliable hands. One of these numerous platforms is

Oyerr is a freelance marketplace where various kinds of digital products and services are delivered at prices starting from N1000. The platform was co-founded by Nengolong Samuel (MD), Japhet Johnson and Seth Reuben and launched on September 13, 2017. The services which Oyerr offers include programming, graphics and design, web development, article writing, video editing, animation, proofreading, SEO, and tutorials amongst others. Adopting the internet lingo for such services among freelance online communities, Oyerr refers to them as gigs.

Freelancers can sell anything under their gig as long as it is of good quality, reliable, and falls within Oyerr’s stipulated price range. The platform enables freelancers to advertise and attach prices to these services.

Oyerr also ensures the security of all transactions carried out on the platform. According to one of the co-founders Samuel:

Activities such as conversations, payments, gig requests, gig orders, and withdrawals are kept under close supervision to ensure that a conducive platform is available for users.

-Nengolong Samuel

Oyerr offers an added bonus to its users. For every referral made, users receive a N 200 reward. Oyer also provides location-based services and gives corporate organizations the license to outsource jobs on contract basis to freelancers. Speaking on the efficiency of the platform, Samuel said:

It is easier to get a quick micro job online than it is to find work anywhere else in the world right now. This is a trend we will continue to see. Some of these jobs only take a few minutes to complete and if you are dedicated enough it can even become a consistent way to make money. The good thing about Oyerr is that members are able to sell anything from ₦500 – ₦999,000.”

-Nengolong Samuel

Freelancing is fast becoming a lucrative path for many Nigerians. With platforms like Oyerr on the rise, freelancers can put their skills to good use and get paid in return.

Featured Image Source: Oyerr Freelance Marketplace – Linkedin

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