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Adaora Mbelu Dania, founder of Socially Africa, has a resume that many only dream of having. At the young age of 16, she ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, launching a magazine that commemorated the works of successful Africans in diaspora. Her content directing career saw her work for the United Nations World Tourism Conference, Nigeria Centenary Awards and the International Conference on Peace & Security.  She didn’t stop there; she went on to plan and execute projects for big television franchises like “X Factor”, “Nigeria’s Got Talent”, and “Nigerian Idol”.  Not surprisingly, she started her own company A2 Creative Ltd. in 2015, an entrepreneurship endeavour that earned her a mention in a list of “11 African Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing the Business Landscape” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Adaora has achieved even more within such a short time in her career. However, her stunning resume has not stopped her from giving back to society. And she does this the best way she can through her  initiative, Socially Africa.

Socially Africa: Impacting Society In Diverse Ways

In 2015, Adaora set out with her team to launch Socially Africa. She was inspired by the principle that one can contribute to society irrespective of their status.

We decided not to sit and complain, but to take actionable steps to rallying people together to solve some of the problems we had identified in our communities. We want to serve as inspiration to the next generation watching what we do, and how we impact our world, beyond chasing the next job, or working to feed our families.

With proceeds from her business, she started investing in various community development projects in Nigeria.

Socially Africa has since grown to impact over 8000 kids across many schools in Nigeria through one of its projects “Art For A Cause”. It also runs “Girl Code Africa”,  a free summer programming class that seeks to promote the inclusion of more women into STEM.  In 2017, the pilot programme for Girl Code Africa reached 80 teenagers. It went on to welcome a potential number of 100 women in 2018.

From gifting love boxes to hosting food drives and launching volunteer projects, Adaora proves there is no shortage of ways to give back to society.

In the words of Betty Reese, “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”

Adaora is quite aware of her impact and is therefore on a mission to promote effectual change in the society through Socially Africa.


The Guardian NG

Featured Image Source: @sociallyafrica – Twitter

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