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Customer Service Week

Satisfying customers in public or private enterprises is not an easy task especially when the customer becomes complacent about services rendered. Staff most times go extra mile at their own personal expense to ensure customers derive maximum benefits for services paid for. In some cases, workers are prone to insult from customers, and they are always at the receiving end of criticism when a company’s progress is threatened. Without a doubt, workers on a daily or weekly basis stress themselves out to serve customers excellently. The need to celebrate and recognize the invaluable role played by workers towards meeting the needs of customers necessitated the observance of the Customer Service Week annually.

Customer Service Week (CSW)

Customer Service Week is an international celebration aimed at recognizing the importance and significant role played by people who serve and support customers daily. The American Congress in 1992 declared the Customer Service Week a nationally recognized event observed annually during the first week of October.

Below are dates for the celebration of the CSW for five consecutive years

Year Dates
2019 October 7 – 11
2020 October 5 – 9
2021 October 4 – 8
2022 October 3 – 7
2023 October 2 – 6

The Customer Service Group has, since 1991, officially sponsored the CSW program. Provision of how-to information, celebration materials that are imprinted with the official logo of the Customer Service Week, and inspiration/motivation from the numerous service and support professionals, are some of the roles played by the Customer Service Week Group during the week-long celebrations.

Annually, thousands of firms all over the world celebrate the Customer Service Week which is usually accompanied with a theme. Leading financial, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, communications, educational, retailing, not-for-profit, and even government agencies among others, map out time to celebrate the yearly event. The CSW is a unique platform for celebrating the role played by customer service in any organization globally. It is necessary to note that the CSW has five core values, they include:

  • Boosting morale, motivation, and teamwork.
  • Rewarding frontline reps for the important work they do all year long.
  • Raise companywide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  • Thank other departments for their support.
  • Remind customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Week 2019: The Magic of Service

Related image

For this year’s celebration, the value of good service is duly recognized as magical. Good service has the capability of influencing the mood of an unhappy customer and transforming he/she into a happy and satisfied long term customer. Quality services can also turn an occasional customer into a steady one. Further, delivering good services can turn any customer into your fan and advocate due to how impressed he/she is by your style of service. The theme for the Customer Service Week is colorfully illustrated in a teal, red and yellow logo. Colors for the logo connect together to evoke the fun and excitement associated with a classic magic show.


Featured Image Source: Envato

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