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Fintechs in Nigeria: Nairabox

The Nairabox team prefers to talk about their product as a lifestyle tool.  As a platform, it lets its users settle their everyday needs, and pay for recurring and one-off events.

It’s especially popular as a sales outlet for digital tickets, a role which connects event organizers with intending participants regardless of the distance between them. The growth of Nigeria’s events industry has been helped by online publicity; web ticketing services like the one provided by Nairabox ensures that seats at shows can also be secured from wherever the would-be attendee is, before it takes place.

Nairabox started off in 2015 with three cofounders: Damilola Jegede, Tokunbo Adetona, and Ugochukwu Jay Chikezie. In 2016, they introduced the Nairabox app which would function as a mobile wallet for bill payments. It has since grown to be one of the most widely used payments apps in the country.

How Nairabox Works

Nairabox’s services can be accessed through two channels: its website, and a mobile app. The website links to pages for events and cinema ticket purchases, as well as food orders. The mobile app has these, and additional facilities for two more transaction types: airtime purchase, and bill payments.

These transactions can be carried out by people who have registered on the website or mobile app. They can link their bank cards and fund their e-wallets from their bank accounts, in order to begin ordering and paying for the services sold on the platform.

The events sub-site lists upcoming events for which Nairabox is a payments partner. It also includes information about venues, times, and fees for these shows. Tickets can be bought on-page as well.

Other sections follow a similar format. The food website lets users order and pay for a meal from a restaurant near them. The movies section is a digital desk from which movie tickets can be purchased.

Mobile airtime can be bought with the Nairabox app. Bills for utility and internet services can also be paid on it. The app is available for download at the Google Play Store.

Nairabox for Merchants

Retail stores, restaurants, cinemas, and events can sign up with Nairabox to sell their products and services on its platform. The process takes only a few minutes, and can be done on the merchant page of the Nairabox website.

Payments to Charity

The Nairabox platform also enables its users to make donations to a charity of their choice. The charities to which donations are made can collect the contributions after getting in touch with Nairabox’s customer care team.

Featured image source: Nairabox

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