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Nigerian Startup, Chikini Guard, Wins The Gitex Artificial Intelligence Competition

The phrase, the future is here, is not just a passing comment or one without much depth. Rather, over and over and over, it has been proven by promising innovative Nigerians who have dared to imagine the future and create it now despite the limited resources available to them.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence technologies have been making dramatic shifts in the tech ecosystem and different industries around the world. According to GITEX, 77% of devices feature AI in one form or the other and its presence in our daily activities is predicted to continue on the rise.

The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibitions and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Center. This is one of the world’s leading event on Technology which held on October 6-10, 2019. In spite of the limitations of resources encountered by most Nigerian entrepreneurs, an innovative Nigerian brought a win home from the exhibition as the Best AI Startup at GITEX 2019. Abdulhakim Bashir won the grand price of USD 10,000 in the Artificial Intelligence competition category at the technology exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

His startup, Chikini Guard, is a Nigerian startup that provides real-time updates on the activities going on in a retail store by reporting theft and shoplifting activities through a video feed analysis on CCTV camera.

Chikini Guard is a human activity recognition service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce the amount of loss experienced by retailers through dishonest employees and shoplifting. It consists of a control center interference app to stream videos, a mobile app and a dashboard. Through AI, the video analysis software classifies the actions of shoppers or workers by flagging and reporting suspicious actions to the manager through the mobile app.

With a dataset of over 100 human actions detected, Chikini Guard has a classification accuracy of 78% and 19 video frames per seconds.

Working process of the app

  • Monitor and Detect: Artificial Intelligence is used to monitor and analyze people that walk into the retail store:
  • Action Classification: The AI then classifies every actions from over 100 inbuilt categories in order to detect suspicious actions;
  • Report or Not: Detected suspicious activities or actions are immediately reported to the manager via a connected app.

Abdulhakim Bashir, the Founder of Chikini Guard, said the win would open up opportunities at GITEX and would enable him widen the scope of his business. This would perhaps be done with his standing partners – CcHub and NG_hub from Facebook. Progressing, Abdulhakim shared with the newsmen that he would launch the application officially after the GITEX event and move it to the cloud so that the stored data can accommodate the number of requests it will have from shop owners. With this win, he believes Nigerians have a huge potential to transform the economy when the private sector is involved. A clear case of his win.

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