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Recipe for Iwuk Edesi

Iwuk edesi is the Efik-Ibibio version of native jollof rice. It is easy to prepare and it’s delicious too. The palm oil used in preparing this food gives it a traditional taste. Iwuk edesi can be cooked with or without vegetables. I love the flavor scent leaves give to this  pot of native delight. However, pumpkin leaves and basil leaves can also be used in preparing this food.  Again, in cooking iwuk edesi, the cook determines the quantity of protein to be used. But smoked fish or dry fish are considered a must have. They add a unique taste and flavor to the food.  For today’s iwuk edesi, I’ll be using just dry fish and kpomo.

Ingredients for Iwuk Edesi


Dry fish



Locust bean


Fresh pepper

Palm oil

Scent leaves

Stock cubes


Method of Preparation

Rinse the rice and parboil. Peel two onions. Rinse them alongside fresh pepper. Dice one onion and blend the other one and the fresh pepper. Use the dry mill of the blender to blend crayfish and locust bean. Set all blended ingredients aside for later use. De-stem, rinse and dice the scent leaves and also set aside for later use.

Get a pot large enough to accommodate the rice you’re cooking. Heat the palm oil. Please do not bleach. Add the diced onion and sauté until almost translucent. Add the blended crayfish and locust bean to the pot. Stir fry for about two minutes. Add water to the pot. Please note that the quantity of water you’ll add to the pot should be determined by how soft your parboiled rice is. It’s always advisable to start with small water. The quantity can be increased later if need be.

Add dry pepper, stock cubes and salt to taste. Add kpomo and dry fish. Stir and allow to cook for about five minutes. Add the parboiled rice. Use a wooden spoon to stir and combine the rice and the ingredients. Make sure the quantity of liquid is not too much. Check the seasoning and salt and adjust if need be. Cover the pot and cook till the rice is tender. Add the scent leaves. Stir and turn off the heat. Serve hot.


Sisi Jemimah

Nigerian Lazy Chef

Featured image source: The Joyful Cook – Youtube

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