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Recipe for the Itshekiri Delicacy, Gbagba Fofo

Today, I bring you the recipe for gbagba fofo. This soup is very dear to the big heart of the Itshekiri people of Delta State. For those who do not know, gbagba fofo is basically okro pepper soup. This soup is easy to prepare.  The fact that it’s oil free makes it a wonderful dish for those who are conscious of their oil intake. So, ndi Fitfam, grab ya seat.

Before I tell you how to prepare this delicacy, let me quickly say that I don’t use broiler in preparing soups. I prefer old layer or parent stock. Broiler disintegrates quickly into the soup and it doesn’t taste as good as old layer or parent stock both of which are a stronger breed of chicken than broiler. Having said that, gbagba fofo is one soup that will spice up your day. Give it a try.


Chicken/fresh catfish

Fresh okro

Iwo (ehuru or calabash nutmeg)

Urheri (uda or negro pepper)

Beletete (optional)



Prawn (optional)


Fresh pepper 

Cameroun pepper


Stock Cubes


Method of Preparation

Rinse the chicken and put it in a cooking pot, preferably one that is large enough to accommodate the quantity of soup you’ll like to make. Add chopped onions, seasoning cubes, salt, and water to the pot. Cook on medium heat.

Next, use the dry mill of your blender or the good old pestle and mortar to blend or pound crayfish, Cameroon pepper, iwo, urheri, ataiko, and irugeje. Dice or blend the fresh pepper too.  Rinse and dice the okra. 

After about 15 minutes, add all the blended ingredients to the pot of chicken. Add more water to the pot; the quantity should be enough to cook the soup. Cover the pot and allow the content to come to the boil, taste the soup and if need be, add seasoning cube and salt. Cover the pot and cook till the meat is tender.

Add the prawns and allow to cook for about two minutes. Then, add the diced okra, stir, and turn off the heat. Soup is ready.

Serve your gbagba fofo soup hot with starch, eba, eghwobobo, or any swallow of choice.


Sisi Yemmie

Matse Cooks

Featured image source: Deskgram

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