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If there is one thing most Nigerians know, it is that it can be quite difficult finding a good artisan for hire. The prospect of finding an artisan who is reliable and knows his/her job well is often slim. As a result, most people have to search for a long time and sift through several candidates before they can get the real deal. It would be nice if there was a platform where one could gain access to a variety of skilful and reliable artisans, right? This is the gap has emerged to fill. is a freelance platform that engages people who have services to offer and people who are willing to buy those services. As the name suggests, offers services for as low as N5000. 

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Seeing The Opportunities In Nigeria And Taking Hold Of Them was founded by Ehis Asibor, a Nigerian France-based tech enthusiast and also an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. Prior to launching the platform, he had tried his hands on two other business ventures: and Through the experience of running these businesses, Ehis learned how the Nigerian market worked and was ready to venture into the world of e-commerce. He had just discovered that there were hardly any online platforms in Nigeria where people could find skilful individuals to carry out services for them at affordable prices. This was how the idea and name for sprung up. He founded the platform on 18th May 2015, after several iterations of what works.

How It Works 

Today, the website offers opportunities to those who want to freelance or employ a service. All freelancers have to do is create a profile on the website and select their preferred category. From then on, they will receive emails notifying them of job opportunities that match their skills and competence. They can then make their bid for payment if they like what they see and wait to be contacted. Job providers, on the other hand, also have to create a profile and select their preferred category for the task they want to be executed. They then need to create an entry of the task with details. After doing this, they will receive bids from interested candidates, review the bids, and select their preferred candidate. 

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Achievements And Milestones 

At first, Ehis admits progress on the platform was quite slow which is normal. They had to build trust in Nigerians who were not comfortable with handing over their tasks and projects to complete strangers. However, with the introduction of a verification platform, the platform saw exponential growth and has received a more positive response. 

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