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Wellness: 7 Ways You Can Cure Insomnia And Sleep Better

Insomnia or the inability to sleep can have a wide range of causes. It could be a result of more serious conditions or it could be due to your day to day habits. If you’ve ruled out any serious condition that is likely to cause insomnia then here are some ways you can sleep better and promote the quality of your sleep

Make your Sleeping Environment Conformable

Believe it or not, the state of your sleeping environment might just be the reason for your insomnia. Are your mattresses and pillow due for replacement? Or perhaps you need softer ones? You may be able to block out those annoying sounds from outside that cause you to lose sleep by getting yourself an earplug. You can also make the environment more conducive by making sure all curtains are well closed. And if that’s not possible, then get yourself an eye mask.

 Try To Sleep And Wake At The Same Time Every day

With discipline and some effort, you can pick a sleeping habit and stick to it every day. This should include both workdays and weekends. If you’re able to achieve this, you will find that your body has gotten used to the new schedule and you will be able to better fall asleep.

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Light exercises such as walking and running have been found to have a profound effect on insomnia. This is because they help boost your mood and promote temperature regulation that promotes sleep. Just be sure to avoid more strenuous exercises as they might not have the same effect. 

Watch Your Diet

Eating heavy foods shortly before bed can cause you discomfort and ultimately affect the quality of your sleep. Try to avoid heavy foods and instead go for snacks or light foods before bed. If you can’t cope with lighter foods then try to stop heavy food consumption two hours before bread. Also, try to stop drinking any form of liquid one hour before bed to save yourself from waking up in between sleep to use the toilet 

Put Away Your Smartphone 

Many people find themselves scrolling through their social media feeds right before bed. While these can be very entertaining, the blue light from your phone has been found to suppress the sleep hormone called melatonin, thus having a negative impact on sleep. Rather than indulging yourself with your phone, grab a book or listen to some relaxing music. 



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