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5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Learn Microsoft Excel

Business decision making rely heavily on data and these must be presented to managers accurately and  in a friendly format. That being the case, there is that constant anxiety if data you present to management is correct or not. However, this will not be the case if you are using Microsoft Excel effectively to manage business data. Below are 5 cardinal reasons to learn how to use Excel like a pro

1. Excel Bolsters Your Resume

With a good knowledge of Excel on your resume, your resume could be a step away from securing you your desired job. Many organizations now require data analysis skill from their employees, especially from those whose job function is centered around accountancy, human resources, engineering, inventory management, investment analysis, operation planning, data analysis etc.

2. Increase Your Productivity

Excel has a lot of features for automating many of the task that would have been done manually. This range from complex financial functionality to simple arithmetic operation. Simple calculation of net profit to complex task of financial forecasting and budgeting are some task that can be automated with MS Excel.

3. Industry Standard Spreadsheet Software

People in financial sector people need Excel to formulate reports, charts, simulations, and do “what if” analysis on data, so it’s the ideal tool to do the job. Plus, it has a lot of finance specific Functions built in, try looking at PMT, IPMT, PPMT, SLN.  Sales people are using Excel feature for totals, averages, margins, basic calculations, charts, and may even want to create Dashboards. It is the engineer’s choice software for calculations, projected figures, quantities, VLOOKUP functions and charts of various types.

4. Improve Quality of Your Work

Excel can improve your quality of work by easing the process of producing beautiful dashboards, reports, interfaces, charts and nicely formatted data. And, these can be used in other Microsoft Office applications such as PowerPoint presentation or a Word document. Excel comes with a lot of standard templates and this implies little input from users in order to produce high quality report and chart, as these templates were prepared and checked by experts at Microsoft.

5. Be a Lord in the Office

Learning to use Excel properly will increase your expertise on spreadsheets manipulation and allow you to create wonderful, colourful, interactive sheets that easily display your data and calculations neatly and cleanly. When your colleague realizes how amazing you are, they will come to you to help them. Then, you become the Lord of the Manor almost immune from sack.

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