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Amazing Cross River Christmas Tour Deals

Some people lose the beauty of Christmas sitting at home, eating rice with salad and chicken. We recommend a travel trip. No, not to see your grandmother in the village or your relatives in another town. We mean to visit an unfamiliar city to experience tourism during the Yuletide.

Since June, we have been sharing amazing Christmas tour deals you could save towards. And now there’s so much Christmas fun awaiting us in Cross River. Here are tour deals to make your Christmas truly memorable:

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1. Travel Doze Tours

Join the Obudu Christmas Getaway on the 22nd – 26th December 2019 for N90,000 per person sharing. The fee covers accommodation, transportation, feeding, guided tours, a Traveldoze T-shirt, a goodie bag, photography, and more.

The Obudu getaway package features buffet meals, bonfire night, picnic, games, photo competition, and a mask party. Attractions include visits to Becheeve Nature Reserve and Grotto ( a stream pool), a hike up the Holy Mountain for a captivating scenic view, a canopy walkway, horse rides, waterfall hiking, and lots more.

Payment Deadline is 10th December 2019. For more enquiries or booking, call 08061250103 or email

2. Christmas Tour Deals from Macquest

If you are already in Calabar, take advantage of the Calabar City Tour package this Christmas. The range of options and prices makes tourism very affordable. You get to experience a safari adventure, a boat cruise, coconut treat, and a visit to the Slave Trade Museum and Old Residence with transportation covered.

For 1 person visiting Marina Only, the fee is N7,700; visiting Marina, Tinapa, Old Residence, and Drill Ranch, the fee is N11,700 on weekdays and N13,700 on Sundays. For 2 persons visiting Marina Only, the fee is N10,900; visiting Marina, Tinapa, Old Residence, and Drill Ranch, the fee is N15,500 on weekdays and N18,000 on Sundays. N13,800 covers for 3 persons visiting Marina Only; N21,800 on weekdays and 25,000 on Sundays for visiting Marina, Tinapa, Old Residence, and Drill Ranch. To include Cross River National Park for a group of 3 is 55,000 while including a trip to Kwa Waterfall is N30,000 for the same number.

Macquest also has more to offer. Those not based in Calabar can sign up for the Lagos to Obudu Road Trip for N85,000 per person. Pick up will be along the Abakaliki by-pass route for those outside Lagos (in Enugu and Port Harcourt). This is because of the shutdown of Enugu Airport at the moment.

The duration of stay at Obudu is 3 nights, and the vacation is from December 23rd- 26th, 2019. The fee covers accommodation at the Mountain Villa, complimentary breakfast buffet, 24 hours stewardship, guided tours, luxurious bus transportation, facilities fee, games, and bonfire. Activities in the resort during Christmas will kick off by 2pm and they include a boat cruise, a cable car ride, and fish hunting.

Slots are only available for 10 persons. To secure your slot, you will have to deposit 50% of the total cost on or before December 15th. For more details or booking, call 08076525579, 08184326376.

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