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Crazy About the North West: 3 Things to do in Kaduna

Kaduna State is one of the hot places on Nigeria’s tourism scene. There is so much to see, from its warm people to its awesome tour destinations.

If you find yourself in Kaduna, here are the things you can do:

1. Go sightseeing

Image result for palace of the emir of zazzau
The Palace of the Emir of Zazzau – Mosaic Management

Kaduna was once the colonial centre of Northern Nigeria. It has a few traces of such history that are worth seeing; examples include the Lugard Footbridge, Amalgamation House, Lord Lugard’s Residence, and St. Bartholomew Church.

Another great place for history lovers is the Arewa House, a renowned museum which also serves as a research hub. The Kaduna National Museum is filled with artefacts and artworks of wood carvings, Nok terracotta figurines, masks, and Benin bronzes. Its traditional architecture coupled with the small village behind where handicrafts are sold, plus the Hausa storytelling and music is also part of its tourism appeal. 

Furthermore, hidden away on top of a hill is Kajuru Castle, a medieval-styled castle complete with dungeons and crocodile pits. Another architectural wonder is the Palace of the Emir of Zazzau and the Nok Village. Kaduna also has lots of festivals like the Kaduna State Festival of Arts & Culture, and the Durbar, Aninkon, Bakulu, Tuk-Ham, and Afan. If you are fortunate to be around for any festival, the festivities will blow your mind.

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2. Spend a Day in Nature

Image result for crocodile river, kaduna
Kaduna River – SkyScraperCity

There are the likes of the Kaduna River formerly called Crocodile River, Kagoro Hill which is great for picnics and hiking, and the majestic Matsriga Waterfall which springs from Kagoro Hill.

There are also nature parks to visit like the Kamuku National Park which is a guinea savannah with rare tree species, various species of birds and wild animals. Another nature park that comes equipped with an amusement park is the Kofar Gamji Park also known as Gamji Gate. It combines the need for a quiet day in nature with the rush of adrenaline for adventurous tourists. 

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3. Relax at a Resort

Image result for kaduna airport
Kaduna Airport – Every Every NG

Kaduna is full of great places to chill at but there are resorts you can be guaranteed to have a unique time. On the list is Trappco Ranch and Resort adjacent to the Kaduna airport. It is an interesting place filled with a lot of activities such as horse riding, poultry, pilot farming, quad bike riding, polo, golf, volleyball, football, and basketball. Besides having a swimming pool, bar and restaurant, picnic gardens, an artificial lake for boat rides, and horse stables, it also has an amusement park/children’s playground, a shopping centre, a mini zoo, a craft centre called the culture window, and conference hall for seminars. Another great place is the Saminaka Resort, which is great for couples because they can also take horse rides there. It also has a swimming pool and a zoo.  

You can also relax at is the Fifth Chukker Polo and Country Club/Resort. Surely, you can ride the horses, go quad bike riding, and watch an equestrian sport there but its serene environment is best for chilling.

There is more to Kaduna than one article can say. Have you been to Kaduna? What’s your favourite thing to do in the state?

Featured image source: Glamtush

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