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Crazy About the North West: 3 Things to do in Kebbi

Welcome to the Land of Equity, Kebbi State. This state is ideal for cultural tourism and it calls to tourists to experience its vast potentials for art, architecture and history.

Here are three things you can do in Kebbi state:

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Attend a Festival

Image result for argungu fishing festival
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Ever heard of the Argungu Fishing Festival in Nigeria? If you grew up through the ranks in Nigeria, the fame of this festival has been around for ages. It is the one thing Kebbi State is most famous for. The Argungu Festival is a fishing competition using ancient African tools to catch the biggest fish in Matan Fada River within an hour. Besides the sport, there are musicals and other activities to keep visitors entertained. It is a cultural event that has become an international affair spanning over four days to allow non-Nigerians attend and participate. It takes place in Argungu LGA and the prize can be as high as $7,500 for the winner(s).

In addition to the Argungu Festival, there is also the Uholo Festival. It is a two or three days thanksgiving festival which takes place in Zuru LGA. The festival comprises of art and craft exhibitions, Yadato dance, music, wrestling, and colourful agricultural events. It also includes the acknowledgement of teenagers entering into maturity.

Enjoy Nature

Image result for The Grimace shrine in Zuru
Nigeria Galleria

Kebbi has both Sudan and Sahel savannah vegetations, and the River Rima which empties into the Niger. So outside festival periods, you can have a quiet time fishing by the riverside. Though the northern part of the state is sandy, the southern part has grasslands which not only makes it ideal for growing crops but for animals to thrive.

The Grimace Shrine in Zuru is so much more than a place of worship for traditionalists. It is a grove of thick trees with crocodile infested waters which the locals feed as sacrifices to the gods. This is a great way to experience crocodiles in their habitat.

You can also visit the part of the Kainji Lake that crosses through Kebbi State, even though fishing is prohibited there. The serene atmosphere might just do you good. 

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Go sightseeing

Image result for Zuru Museum in
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Though few in number, Kebbi has some remarkable sites worth seeing. These include the moving rock at Ngaski LGA; the Alwasa Battlefield at Arugugu LGA; the tomb of Abdullahi dan Fodio (brother to Sheikh Usman dan Fodio) in Gwandu LGA; the Karishi Traditional Settlement in Sakaba LGA; and the Onion Market in Aliero LGA which will blow your mind.

Moreover, art and history buffs are not left out as there are a number of museums to visit in Kebbi. They include the Zuru Museum, the Kanta Museum, and the Yelwa Museum of Archaeology. From paintings to arts and crafts depicting the lifestyle and history of the peoples of Kebbi, the building’s architecture and artefacts are certain to draw you in.

The beauty of Kebbi is that it is one of the safest states to visit in Northern Nigeria. It is an ideal place for a enjoying a quiet retreat.

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