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Crazy About the North West: 3 Things To Do in Zamfara

When talking tourism, Zamfara State does not readily come to mind. But the state has something to offer tourists. Here are a few things you can do and see in Zamfara:

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Check out Nature

If you are a nature lover, you will like what Zamfara has to offer. You can hike up Kanoma Hills in Maru LGA, just 34km from Gusau, the city capital. But be warned, it is not for the faint of heart. You must come prepared with your complete hiking gear.

Another must-see sight, is the Kwartarkwashi Rock/Water Spring which gushes out sweet and crystal clear waters. The spring has a folklore accompanying it; one you would enjoy hearing about. It is also a few miles from the capital city (12 miles exactly) so a short ride is in order.

Speaking of waters, the Bakolori Dam in Maradun LGA is constructed around the Sokoto River and it is a good place to go for a stroll.

For wildlife lovers, there is the Kakile Hipopotamus Pond in Maru LGA which is the abode of hippopotami. The Kwiambana (or Kuyambana) Game Reserve also plays host to wild animals like lions, hyenas, elephants, etc.

One may think that Zamfara’s proximity to the desert lands of Sokoto would make it a desert plain but the state has lots of virgin forests with wildlife in their natural habitats.

See the Landmarks in Zamfara

The popular tourist destinations in Zamfara are the tombs of the Alibawa warrior and the founder of Gusau town, the Namoda Tomb in Kaura Namoda LGA and the Sambo Dan Ashafa’s tomb in Gusau.

Other sites of importance to see are the Zamfara State History Bureau Museum in Gusau, the Emir of Anka’s Palace in Anka LGA, Ruins of Yargoje’s 13th century Court, the National Gallery of Art, and the Kiyawa city walls in Birinin Magaji/Kiyawa LGA.

All Zamfara’s landmarks are wide spread in all the zones – Zamfara North, Zamfara Central, and Zamfara West. So prepare your mind for a road trip if you intend to see all it has to offer during your vacation.

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Immerse Yourself

If you intend to visit Zamfara, come prepared to leave with a truck load of agricultural produce. Their slogan isn’t, ‘Farming is our pride’ for nothing.

You can also go shopping at the Jifatu Mall in Gusau. Also try to attend a Durbar Festival to get a feel of the vibrancy of Zamfara.

Don’t forget, Zamfara is a Sharia state and thus, modesty is highly esteemed. So, prepare to dress very differently. In addition to preventing skin burns from the scorching sun, you will need clothes covering your whole body like long skirts, long sleeve shirts that aren’t clingy and even a scarf to cover your hair and neck. This is part of the cultural tourism experience.

Zamfara State is rich in both history and culture which are ingredients that make tourism fun. Have you been to Zamfara? Tell us about it.

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