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Crazy About the North West: Top 3 Tourist Attractions

Throughout this month, we have been looking at different states in the North West of Nigeria and what tourists can to there. North West Nigeria is filled with destinations that are sure to guarantee you a fun time if you visit. Today we will look at the top 3 attractions that pull people in for tourism in this region of the country.

1. The Durbar Festival

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The Durbar Festival is among the world’s objects of intangible heritage, and is on the World List of Tourist Attractions. It holds in almost every state in North West Nigeria. So regardless of the state you visit, you will still experience the Durbar in all its glory. It comes up in around Sallah festivities in July/August (and December, depending on which state you visit).

The Durbar is filled with dancing, trumpeting, and a royal appearance of the Emir in his ceremonial regalia and other traditional rulers. Well-adorned horses have on their backs horsemen who show off their horsemanship. We also get to see a long procession of horses and camels, lute players wearing colourful headdresses, riders carrying ceremonial ammunition, muscle-bound wrestlers, stilt walkers and outlandishly dressed clowns, drumming, wailing pipes, and singing. It is akin to the Calabar carnival in the South except there are more animals on parade.

People from all over the world travel to Nigeria to witness this cultural tourism. The Durbar Festival is on such a grand scale that it would blow your mind.

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2. Birnin Kudu Rock Paintings

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To get to the paintings, you’ll take a brief hike up a rocky plateau to explore the caves where the paintings are. This is already two tourist activities in one. These neolithic paintings are as old as 2000 years but were discovered just 50 years ago. They aren’t all in one cave but in separate locations within Birnin Kudu LGA in Jigawa State. These locations include Dutsen Habude, Dutse Zango, Dutsen Murufu and Dutsen Mesa.

To improve the state of these sites, the National Commission of Museums and Monuments (NCMM) has set up a masonry wall around the paintings for protection, seating area for visitors, and a series of staircases for easy access.

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3. Gidan Makama Museum, Kano

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Also known as the Kano Museum, Gidan Makama is a great place to visit because you can get two attractions for the price of one. It sits opposite the Emir’s Palace (Gidan Rumfa) in Kano. The Kano Museum is also both a museum and a national monument because it used to be the Emir’s Palace in the 15th century before it became a museum.

This museum has 11 galleries, each hosting a unique aspect of Kanawa and Hausa land history. Inside are an aristocrat’s living quarters, the archaeology of Kano, musical instruments, relics from the Kano civil war, and other artefacts which display Kano’s history, culture, architecture, and commerce. There is so much to see here to make a visit worthwhile.  

Another place worthy of mention is Kajuru Castle. It used to be a top tourist attraction in the North-West but after the horror incident in April, people are scared to visit. If sleeping over at Kajuru Castle causes security concerns, then focus on having a daycation there and plan to spend the night in town at a resort like the Fifth Chukker Resort. This place is still one of the best kept secrets in Nigeria’s Tourism industry.

Are there any places in the North West Nigeria you think should have made this list? Tell us about them. 

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