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Helpful Little Article: How to Apply for a Prepaid Electricity Meter

Since 2013, the old PHCN has been broken down into successor companies of 12 distribution companies, 6 generating companies and 1 transmission company and all these companies are regulated by the Nigeria Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC). Many Nigerians are yet to come to grips with it entirely and hence miss out on some of the benefits that this new dispensation bears for electricity consumers, of which the prepaid meter is one.

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Getting a prepaid meter has many value propositions for any discerning electricity consumer and they include not getting charged exorbitantly, thanks to estimated billing, and no disconnection/re-connection fees.

How to get a prepaid meter

  • First, go to the nearest station of your electricity distribution company (e.g. EEDC) and obtain the form that will be issued to you by the Electricity Representative Sales Department. Fill out the form properly and accurately, and submit it.
  • Your application will be processed and your meter should be installed within 45 days of your submission. You will also be expected to separate loads and lines before the meter is installed.

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  • After installation, you should go to the Electric Business Unit for vending and account reconciliation. This is a very important part of the process so you will be wise to do this immediately after installation.
  • NERC has mandated that meter installation is free so do disregard any directives to do otherwise.


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