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Helpful Little Articles: How to get a birth certificate for your newborn

You are probably an expectant parent and you are excited too. You don’t know it yet and it probably has not factored in your baby preparations but you’ll need to get him or her a birth certificate as soon as possible. This is because the birth certificate will be used in official settings and documentations and soon enough you may want to open him/her a bank account and will eventually send the child to school.

There are procedures for registering a baby and obtaining a birth certificate for both when the baby was born in a hospital or medical centre or even outside of one.

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If the baby is born inside a hospital

  1. The hospital or medical centre will issue you a document proving the birth of the baby, time of birth and other relevant details. This document is called a proof of birth.
  2. You as the parent are now to proceed to the National Population Commission (NPC) office at the local government with the proof of birth where you will be issued a birth certificate free of charge provided this is done within 60 days of the child’s birth as indicated on the proof of birth.

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If the baby is born outside a hospital

If the baby is born in a place other than a medical facility (licensed and registered one at that), here is how you go about getting a birth certificate:

  1. You as the child’s parent are to obtain a sworn affidavit at any courthouse within the local government of the child’s birth. This affidavit will serve as a valid proof of birth document.
  2. Then you must proceed to the NPC office at the local government council. Present the affidavit to the registration officer and then receive an official birth certificate.

Note that a proof of birth document cannot in any circumstance serve as substitute for a birth certificate hence you are advised to obtain an NPC-issued certificate of birth as this is the one of its kind that is universally accepted.


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