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Helpful Little Articles: How to get WAEC scratch card

If you wrote WAEC this year, then your school probably took care of your registration and examination processes, but beyond that you would have had to take care of the rest, which brings us to the subject of this piece. We will be walking you through the process of getting a scratch card with the e-PIN on it.

  • The e-PIN is the a 10 or 12-digit on the scratch card (voucher) which allows the user or candidate access to the service which allows direct access to via different channels.  

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  • WAEC sells its vouchers directly from its headquarters and zonal offices. WAEC also has designated outlets wherein candidates can purchase the vouchers. The reviewed retail price for the e-PIN is N700. However, if you approach an independent designated retailer, expect to pay a bit more. Generally, between N900 and N1,200 depending on which portal you approach.
  • The voucher is valid for up to five sessions i.e. you as the candidate or user can use the scratch card e-PIN to check your result up to five times. If you exhaust this e-PIN, you have to purchase a new e-PIN. If you, in error, use the e-PIN to check another candidate’s result, you will have to purchase a new. If you attempt use your e-PIN to check another candidate’s result, you will be penalized so do not do it.

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  • The voucher or e-PIN itself can be purchased online nowadays too. Certain banks offer WAEC scratch card payment option on their mobile applications as well as some mobile payment solutions. Simply click on the option and make payment. Afterwards, the e-PIN will be sent to you. Online portals like, have options for payment which involve paying through the bank. Remita also offers WAEC payment options. Log in here. Fill out the fields in the form that appears on the screen, specify how you want to pay at the bottom of the page and then submit.  The e-PIN will be sent to your email address.

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