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Helpful Little Articles: How to Pass JAMB

If stats are anything to go by, the bulk of you reading this are either due to write JAMB or have someone close who is due to write the exams sometime soon.

JAMB is considered more than just an exam in Nigeria. You could say it is a coming-of-age ritual for the Nigerian youth. It’s a big deal and as such many first time candidates get jitters. Even repeat candidates are not left out as failure creates its own kind of nerves. But I am here to tell you that exams are only as hard your mind makes them. Trust me. I would know. At least I passed JAMB.

So I will be giving you real tips.

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Study, Study, Study

  • First things first, study. Ordinarily, this will be the only advice that matters but we all know there are other factors that contribute to exam success beyond reading. But reading comes first every time. So read and study. I know I might sound like a broken record but it has to be said by someone.

Follow the syllabus

Don’t just read. Follow the syllabus so you don’t read amiss. JAMB releases a brochure every year and it comes in both paperback and CD formats. You would be well advised to cop one for yourself and study it especially the info it contains on your preferred course. This way you will know what is expected of you and how to read for those challenges.

Past papers

Large exam bodies like JAMB and WAEC have been known to repeat questions as a matter of tradition. Hence, you will be wise to get yourself some past questions to study. The texts are usually independently published and tend to cover a number of years usually five-year periods e.g. 1985-1990. Get one of these. Or two. study them as far as your subjects are concerned.

Ration your time

In recent years, JAMB has digitalized its exams which has made the process faster and even cheaper itself and less grueling for candidates across the country. If you are going to maximize your exam time which is three hours at most, you will do well to answer the simpler questions first while rationing your time across the four subjects. Know also that the questions won’t require you to ‘show your working’ as you have been thought in secondary school. So you’d have to think on your feet and when coming up with answers on your sheet (e-sheet). What JAMB wants from you now more than ever before is the correct answer. Period.

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Ask for advice

Finally, if you are retaking the exam after once or twice before be sure to ask as many relevant questions from your friends who have defeated JAMB. You will probably gain some practical insights as to how to outsmart JAMB and get on to the next stage. If you are a first timer, try not to be nervous and do not believe the hype. It is just another exam, really.

JAMB is just a gateway pass to tougher and more grueling tests so when you do succeed, keep your eyes on the ball.

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