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Helpful Little Articles: How To Renew Your Nigerian passport

Previously, we let you know what getting an international passport would entail and how to go about it. How then would you go about renewing an expired passport?

The process is pretty much like the one described in our previous piece, only this time, it does not take as long or even as many documents. Since 2018, the validity period for a Nigerian passport has been extended to ten years from five years. Hence, applicants have the choice of five or ten-year validity periods to chose from when applying on the NIS website.

We will be answering some frequently asked questions in a bid to help applying for a passport renewal easy.

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When can I renew my passport?

You can renew your passport on either of two conditions: i) if the validity period has expired ii) if the holder has exhausted the pages. Typically, holders are advised to apply for a renewal anywhere between six months to a week before the passport expires.

How can I renew my passport?

First, you have to log onto the NIS website. Fill out the application fields as accurately as possible. Upon the completion of this form, you can now proceed to make payment online.

How much does renewal cost? (very important)

Typically, a 64-page passport costs the holder N20,000. The 32-page passport has varied pricing based on age groups. Age brackets 0-17 and 60 and above would part with N8,750, while holders between 18-59 would be charged N15,000 to renew their passports.

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How long does the process take?

Typically, the process will not take more than 72 hours (3 days) between and formal approval and issuance.

Nigerians abroad can also renew their passports via the online portal. In the US, Nigerians can have their passports renewed at the Nigerian consulates at Atlanta and New York as well as the Nigerian embassy in Washington, DC. Nigerian residents in Canada can renew their passports at the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa, Ontario.

The rates for visa renewal here go thus (Nigerian High Commission, Ottawa):

0-17 years = C$ 64

18- 59 years = C$94

 60 years-above = C$64

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