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Movies To Watch This Weekend: A Round-Up

The Herbert Macaulay Affair

The Herbert Macaulay Affair remains a film to see in the cinema. The film premiered in late October, and a lot of excitement followed its release in cinemas. This is partly because of the storyline, and partly because Imoh Umoren is known to the independent film scene in Nigeria for his inventive filmmaking style. The Herbert Macaulay Affair is based on the timeline of Herbert Macaulay’s life. It recreates episodes involving his activism, personal life and conflict with the colonial government. The late patron of Nigerian nationalism is a mysterious figure to most citizens, but he played a significant part in the development of Nigeria’s independence. It may be a good idea to do some personal research on Herbert Macaulay’s life before you watch the film.

Imoh Umoren was inspired by facts he came across in 2014 while working on the team that wrote for the country’s Nigeria at 100 Years documentary. Umoren is a prolific director. One of his earliest films, Hard Times, won an AMVCA, and a later one, Children of Mud, was nominated for a number of AMVCA’s in 2018. If you’re a film lover, it’s reasonable to expect quality and thoughtful insights from this film. We hope it satisfies. Have you already seen it? What did you think?

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Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, is a reboot of 1992 original, Living in Bondage. In the original, Andy Okeke gives in to the demands of an evil society. In exchange for money and success, he sacrifices his wife’s life. A curse hangs over his head and things soon begin to go terribly wrong in very strange ways. In the reboot, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, we meet Nnamdi Okeke (Andy’s son) a young man who seems to have inherited his father’s weaknesses. He falls into the trap of an evil society, just like his father, and soon begins to discover the consequences of his greed.

The 1992 original of this film enjoys a kind of fame for the commercial success it enjoyed in its time. It also inspires a kind of awe when you discover that the success of this film launched the home video industry in Nigeria. The success of Living in Bondage sparked the growth of Nollywood. The industry has thrived and blossomed at a remarkable rate since then. You have many reasons to be interested in the sequel, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free. The film features Swanky Jerry, Nancy Isime, Ramsey Nouah, Kanayo O. Kanayo, and so on. It premieres in cinemas nationwide today.

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Crescent is an emotional tribute to the struggle of sickle cell patients. The film aims to raise awareness for the sickle cell disorder, and to inspire conversations about what it means for you, family and friends to suffer from this medical condition. The trailer is an interesting peek at certain parts of the film, hinting at a broad view of different struggles in the Nigerian healthcare system. The film features a younger Nollywood cast. Faces you can look forward to seeing in the film are Ayoola Ayolola, Chigul, Michelle Dede, Wole Ojo, and a special appearance from Senator Dino Melaye.


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