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Music: My Own Pulpit – DaBoomsha

Connect Nigeria’s Ugo Chinedu had an interview with one of the top 10 leading gospel rappers in Nigeria, Segun Ayinla, popularly known as DaBoomsha.

Gospel artistes are popular in Nigeria for making sounds that uplift the soul. I interviewed DaBoomsha and it was worthwhile to have someone who has influenced lives positively make out time to speak with me.

Born and brought up in Kaduna State, Northern Nigeria, DaBoomsha is now based in Lagos State. Popular for hits like Fundamental, Tales By Moonlight, OLM, Mona Lisa, Head Over Heels, Jane Doe, Candy Dreams, among others, the father of one was all revealing in this interview and shared his long term plans with us.

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Can you describe what growing up was like for you?

Growing up was interesting. Kaduna was a mix of different ethnic and religious persuasions. I had to draw from various backgrounds both culturally and musically. I grew up listening to music from the radio. It was a potpourri of several genres of music ranging from hip-hop, blues, reggae, soul to gospel and highlife. It ultimately influenced my creative direction in music.


Why music? What motivated your interest in music?

I just loved it. I started as a fan of the art form and that love grew into a passion that fueled my desire to create too.

Why did you choose to do gospel music?

As a Christian creative, my decision to go the gospel route sprung out of an inner conviction that it would be the best way I could use my talent and gifts to serve a greater cause.

Has anybody ever walked up to you to express how your music has touched them positively?

Yes. Young people meet me all the time at events and tell me how much my music has impacted their lives positively and I’m grateful for that.

You are popular as DaBoomsha, is there any factor behind the name?

(Smiles) I liked the name and I chose it, that’s all.

How many single tracks so far?

Loads of them and I have released five albums so far.

Selah Afrik

Is there any of your songs you love most?

I have no favorite song. Too many favorites to choose from. I love all my creations.

What stages have you performed on?

Lots of them. Most notably Jam Mega Fest, World Music Day, Lagos, Jimmy’s Jump Off, just to name a few.

Short term music career goals?

Release my most definitive body of work in 2020

Where does DaBoomsha want to be, 10 years from now?

In active retirement running my media conglomerate, publishing company and record label from the comfort of my home.

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You are on the top 10 list of gospel music acts in Nigeria. Could you shed a little more light on the ranking?

Ranking is for the fans to decide. Our job as artistes is to present the music. I personally don’t have any list arranged in any particular order. I believe we are all gifted in our unique ways and no artiste is inferior to the other. However, some of us do work harder than others.

What’s your advice to upcoming gospel acts?

1. Know who you are – Your Identity

2. Know what God wants you to do – Your Assignment

3. Know how God wants you to do it – Your Method

4. Know why you are doing what you are doing at the moment – Your Success

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