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Sim Shagaya, Tech Serial Entrepreneur, Raises $3.1 Million In Seed Funding For Edtech Startup, Ulesson

Some common motivation for entrepreneurs is that: real entrepreneurs are not scared of failure; they fail, learn the lessons and start wherever they stop or maybe even from scratch. I think this is true, not only for entrepreneurs but also for people who are experts or excellent at what they do. There is always the initial struggle and learning that come with diligence and commitment before one moves beyond the novice level to becoming an expert.

The tech world is filled with so many opportunities as its application is wide and vast and it allows innovators to combine different sectors of the society into one in such an intricate web that it all becomes a whole new product rather than a merger of two different ideas.

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Sim Shagaya is a serial entrepreneur with an MBA from Harvard Business School. With several unsuccessful startups under his belt, he is known for two startups – DealDey and Just yesterday, Sim Shagaya raised a whooping sum of $3.1 million in seed funding led by TLcom Capital for one of his recent projects – uLesson. uLesson is an edtech startup with over 3000 richly animated, personalized video learning modules, quizzes and tests. This funding is ahead of its launch in February 2020 which will be used to connect the West African market with a suite of video lessons, quizzes and tests. The uLesson will be available on a subscription basis through the android app such that it can bridge the education gap utilizing the growing widespread use of smartphone by the young population in West Africa.

With the increasing amount of investment in the mobility and logistics tech space, this seed funding in uLesson is a big addition to the budding edtech space. This funding will “address infrastructure and learning gaps in Africa’s education sector”.

As part of the seed funding round, Ido Sum and Omobola Johnson, partners in TLcom’s executive team, will join uLesson as members of the board. According to a company statement, “uLesson has built the technology to deploy curriculum-relevant content via smartphones that allows learners use the product without concern for internet limitations and cost”.

Speaking on the funding decision, Ido Sum says about uLesson “an entrepreneur-led startup building affordable, mass-market mobile first solution tackling one of Africa’s largest challenges”; this makes it a good match for the VC firm’s investment philosophy.

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This win in the edtech industry is a clear example and motivation for other innovators who have failed at one startup or the other, not to relent but keep at it, learning the lessons and moving on. The strength of the entrepreneur’s mind is in the decision to keep at it.

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