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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Broda Shaggi

In the world of social media comedy, Animashaun Samuel, popularly known as Broda Shaggi, easily stands out from the crowd for his hilarious mannerisms and the “agbero” persona he portrays to his fans. 

According to Animashaun, since he has always had a knack for comedy, he decided to become Broda Shaggi in 2017, without any idea that the character would blow up on social media. He had created other characters in the past but he eventually settled for Broda Shaggi due to the receptiveness of the public.

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Today, the comedian is one of the top social media influencers as he appears on several ads and promotions due to his reach and authenticity. 

Venture Into Comedy 

From a young age, Animashaun has been artistically inclined. His father was an actor and a teacher, who taught dance and music. So, it is hardly a surprise that he followed in the same path and pursued a career that comes naturally to him. 

Animashaun started acting in comedy dramas while attending the University of Lagos. Not surprisingly, he began gaining the attention of fellow students.

“I was very popular in school and I remember people saying things like this guy will blow in the industry. In school, I was just determined and certain that I was going to make my mother proud,” he said.

With the attention he was getting, he decided to go a step further by making skits and comedy videos. But it was not until he adopted the ‘agbero’ style that he began to gain massive recognition. 

The Birth of Broda Shaggi 

Animashaun got the idea for the character Broda Shaggi when he took a trip to the mechanic in December 2017. He told Legit:

“While he was fixing my car, I overheard some guys talking. One of them asked the other to buy something for him but his friend refused, so he jokingly asked the guy, ‘Are you okay, have you forgotten that you were once my apprentice’. He said it in Yoruba and sounded like a tout. I noticed everyone around was laughing because of the way he spoke and his mannerisms.” He continued, “I liked the way he spoke and that was how I got the idea. The next thing I did was to get a name that would suit the character. I thought of Musiliu, then Shaggi Don Baba, but eventually, I decided to use Broda Shaggi,”

he recounted the experience in an interview with Legit. 

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The Creative Process 

When creating skits, his main goal, according to Animashaun, is to pass a message. With this in mind, he is able to gather inspiration and generate ideas from daily experiences. 

On Plans For The Future...

Animashaun says he plans to shoot his own drama series modelled like Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s in collaboration with Femi Otedola’s daughter, DJ Cuppy. With his influence on social media and comic appeal, Animashaun has all the potentials to succeed in his future endeavours. 


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