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The Astonishing Success Of Burna Boy In America, According to Nielsen Music And The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is an American, internationally read daily newspaper that sells physical and digital copies. America’s largest newspaper by paid circulation. The WSJ releases a new edition six times a week. As at June 2019, the WSJ was selling an average of about 1.8 million copies per issue. This means that every day a new WSJ issue is released, almost two million people receive it.

Last week Monday, on the 4th of November, WSJ published an article detailing the rise and success of Burna Boy in America. As the largest newspaper in America, this feature can only boost the extraordinary exposure Burna Boy has already acquired on the international stage. The business-focused publication provides some insight into how Burna Boy has taken America by storm. This article highlights the key facts and compares the data to some of Burna Boy’s most notable achievements.

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From 6million to 89milion In One Year

In one year, Burna Boy’s music has gone from 6 million to 89 million on-demand streams in America.

The Wall Street Journal pulled some interesting data on Burna Boy from Nielsen Music, a software that collates music data from around the world. The WSJ reports that in one year, Burna Boy’s music has gone from 6 million to 89 million on-demand streams in America. This leap is undeniable proof of how much Burna Boy’s popularity has grown in the past year. On-demand streams happen when someone chooses to listen or watch online rather than download. Burna Boy’s African Giant album has been streamed 70 million times in America since it was released in July. This figure includes songs and videos. Burna’s astonishing growth began in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

Between July and September of 2018, Burna Boy’s songs and videos were streamed 6 million times in the U.S. By the end of that year (the 4th quarter), the numbers had gone up to 12 million on-demand streams in the U.S. Many Burna Boy fans will agree that 2018 was a resurrection year for Burna Boy. He released his third studio album, Outside, in January that year, and the album was an instant hit. It makes sense to assume that the Outside album was the match that set Burna Boy’s international career alight.

The album featured three U.K artistes (J Hus, Lily Allen and Mabel), and in February 2018 it debuted at number 3 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. Meanwhile, Ye, a song off the Outside album, was so well received it became a sort of Nigerian anthem in 2018. Kanye West released an album in June 2018, with the same name Ye, and accidentally led many of his fans to Burna Boy’s song.

By now, the whole world was taking notice of this enigmatic afro-beats star, but the excitement didn’t stop there. He sold out London’s O2 Academy, Brixton, in October 2018 then was honoured by Spotify as their New Afro-hub Takeover Artist. That same month, Youtube featured Burna Boy on a massive billboard in New York Times Square as an Artist on the Rise. There was a sudden rush at the beginning of 2019 by several international media outlets who were eager to feature him. This year alone he has appeared in the Fader, Complex, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Billboard, the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, won a BET Award, performed at Coachella, was announced Apple Music’s Up Next artist, contributed a solo single to Beyonce’s The Lion King album, and received a nod from British pop-rock icon Sir Elton John. This swell of recognition, especially in the U.S. definitely had a hand in boosting his numbers again.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that by March this year (1st Quarter of 2019), Burna’s songs and videos had been streamed 23 million times in the U.S. Between April and June (2nd quarter), the figure jumped to 29 million. As at September this year (3rd Quarter), Burna Boy’s songs and videos were reportedly streamed 89 million times in the U.S. We are now in the 4th quarter of 2019, moving quickly towards the end of the year. From the look of things, Burna Boy’s statistics are likely to shock us again.





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