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10 Things To Know About Travelling To Ghana By Road

If you were ever thinking of going on a road trip to another country, chances are that country is Ghana for a number of reasons, chiefly 1) its relative proximity 2) the lack of a language barrier 3) the large Nigerian community in the country. Besides this, Ghana is fast becoming a cheaper holiday option for Nigerians who want to take the edge off and relax and we will be telling you just how to do that.

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  • First, any traveller with the ECOWAS region must have the ECOWAS travelling certificate which has recently been instituted and adopted by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). It is the ECOWAS equivalent of the international passport for intra-regional travel. So get one
  • You must have obtained a yellow fever card.
  • An extra document of identification will serve you well. Your national ID card or even a student ID or work ID would suffice.
  • The journey is anything from 17 hours to 24 hours’ long so prepare likewise as it will be a very long trip.
  • You could get a taxi at Badagry or even the Seme border to drive you to Ghana, which costs more than traveling with buses.

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  • There are three borders you will be crossing: Nigeria-Benin Republic (Seme) border, Benin-Togo border and the Togo-Ghana border at Aflao.
  • There would be routine checks at these borders by the various customs officials. If you are going with a transport company, however, you stand a better chance of avoiding direct interaction with custom officials as the companies have it covered.
  • Once you sort out how much it is you have to spend on your entire trip in a budget, know that you will be wise to carry physical cash as in naira (#) for exchange at the Ghanaian border especially if you do not have a dollar credit or debit card. If you had US dollars in cash, that would suffice too.
  • Try to be abreast with the naira-cedi exchange rate to avoid being cheated as the rates are unstable and money changers might want to take advantage of that.

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