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AOT Lagos 1.0: Bridging The Gap Between Government And Tech

Lagos, Nigeria has been known to be at the forefront of economic sustainability in Nigeria and the African continent. With each forward-thinking government that comes into power, there has been noticeable progress in terms of the economy and most especially relating to technology. Lagos state as a whole boasts of more tech hubs that are socially and economically relevant in the country than any other state in Nigeria. This could be attributed to the tremendous progress it experienced as the country’s capital before it was moved to Abuja in 1991 or perhaps the easy acceptance of the digital economy by past governments to ensure the state continues to thrive and be a landmark for Nigeria and also Africa.

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Most tech conferences or visitations by tech founders in other countries are usually held in Nigeria for many reasons. As such, technology and Lagos can be likened to two peas in a pod. The acceptance of tech as a whole is what has contributed to its fast progress thus far.

As one of the major discussions on tech this year, the Lagos state government is organizing an event – Art of Technology Lagos 1.0. Technology is fast changing the way we live and the way things are done in Nigeria and all over the world. As more and more technological breakthroughs are experienced in terms of big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc., each country continues to evolve in such a way that they infuse technology into policies and practices and makes it easier for the society to run better than in previous years. Nigeria is not slacking on this and Lagos, in particular, has continued the discussion on becoming a smart city after carrying the title of being a megacity for so long.

Lagos has embraced smart technologies that make life easier; one of such technology is the smart traffic that collects real-time traffic data and helps commuters reroute their journey with an estimated time of arrival so they are aware of traffic points and can avoid them if possible. Continuing this discussion, tech and Lagos meet to bridge the gap and to drive conversations that will shape the future of Lagos into a globally relevant smart city.

Art of Technology (AOT) Lagos 1.0 will be a gathering of stakeholders from different aspect of tech – Tech giants, Policymakers, Government officials, Venture Capitalists, Product Designers, Cultural Architects, Software Engineers/Programmers, Creative architects, Innovators, Tech enthusiasts and interested Lagosians.

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4 keynotes, 5 product launches, 15 experience centres, 17 tech hubs, 20 industry speakers, 23 investors, 28 startups, over 2000 participants and to cap it all 1 full startup funding in the Collaborate Lagos Pitch.

The discourse will drive innovations that will pave way for the evolution of a smarter, digital, more efficient and a more competitive Lagos. Conversations at the AOT Conference will centre on Tech & Culture, Building MVPs, Consumer-Centric Products (and not just apps), The Future of Work, Funding Mechanics, Women In Tech and even the ‘Hard-Talk’ where truths are laid bare by both the government and tech community.

Date: December 5-6, 2019

Time: 9 am

Venue: Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

To register, click on this link.

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