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Apply For The Google Developer Launchpad Accelerator Africa

Have you ever had an idea that you strongly believe in such that even though others tease you about it, you still dream about it, imagine it and think about it every single day until one day? This is the same experience heroes, mentors and people who have created a product or service have had. They have gone through the dream stage and stuck with that dream until it began to bloom like a seed planted on the right soil.

Opportunities continually open up every single day but what differentiates you from others is what you do with the opportunities that come around you. One of the global opportunities presented to everyone from different walks in life is the Google Launchpad accelerator. This opportunity is available to every innovator at heart who has decided to create a startup that solves specific problems in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. For this to be effective, you will have to convince Google that you as a person and your idea is worth investing in and accelerating.

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The Google Launchpad accelerator is a global acceleration program that helps startups build and scale great products by matching them with the best of Google – its people, network, and advanced technologies. It is a program organized for top seed-stage African startups and not growth stage startups; that is, startups that are just starting out and not those looking for funding to expand their operations.

The startups that make it to the Google Launchpad regional accelerators are tailored specifically to their local markets and are provided access to the best of Google which includes its people, network, and advanced technologies – helping startups build great products. In addition, the Launchpad accelerator includes exclusive events, mentorship opportunities, and training that provide a global platform for every accelerated startup.

Benefits of Google Launchpad Accelerator Program

As part of all Launchpad regional accelerators, startups receive:

  • Equity-free support
  • Access to Google engineers and intensive mentoring from over 20 teams
  • Access to Silicon Valley experts and top local mentors
  • PR training and global media opportunities
  • Close partnership with Google for three months (new classes are accepted twice a year)

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Google continues to accelerate some of the tech solutions we have in Nigeria through its Launchpad acceleration program. Some of the startups Google has had an investment in their growth and expansion include Flutterwave, Field Insight, Gidi Mobile Limited,, Okadabooks, Paystack, PiggyVest, OMG Digital and Thrive Agric.

Do you have the next solution to some of Nigeria’s problem in the tech, agriculture, education, financial or logistics sector? Then, give yourself a shot and apply here

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