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Helpful Little Articles: 5 Resources for Studying for WAEC

The process of writing any exam is daunting. Writing WASSCE is a coming-of-age ritual for any Nigerian of school age and if you are yet to take the exam, you might want to pay attention as we avail you to five resources that would help your study process for WASSCE.

Past questions

If you are going to be writing an exam of the nature of WASSCE, you should know that they sometimes repeat questions form exam years past. So by copping a raft of past question brochures, you do yourself a world of good. What’s more? You avoid reading amiss as the past questions provide a shortcut when you do not know which topics to read for.

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WAEC operates and updates its curriculum in five-year cycles and what this means for you is that you must update your library to this effect as the past questions you may have carry questions that are most likely than not to be obsolete. This is usually the case in subjects like Literature-in-English and English Language. So get the WAEC approved and recommended textbook as that will be where questions come from.


If you are going to write an exam on the scale of WAEC or even NECO for that matter, you would be well-advised to be armed with a copy of the timetable. This will not just help your punctuality but also your study plan and schedule.

Study centre or study body

Join a study centre where they teach candidates hacks for writing the examination properly and also give real life advice on how to go about studying and writing, in addition to teaching relevant topics and subjects to candidates. Conversely, you could make a friend who can help with the more difficult portions of your studying. The friendship and familiarity will help your learning process a lot more than you know.

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Digital study

Education has benefited from the tech boom more than most sectors. Today, there are study apps that help learning for pupils and students across board in Nigeria and they are some that prepare students for exams such as WASSCE, JAMB and NECO. I’d personally recommend, uLesson and in this regard. WAEC has also enabled e-learning on its website with many resources to help candidates in their study endeavors.

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