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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Today marks a day set aside by Christians all over the world to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whether you are in North Eastern Nigeria, or the South-South, or in the metropolitan cities of Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Kano, or any other part of Nigeria, I can bet you are surely excited today. For some, their excitement derives from the fact that they do not have to wake up on a Wednesday morning to go to work as usual but to make merry, while for others, the delicious meals they will consume on this day is the major reason behind their excitement.  As a multi-ethnic nation, today’s celebration is open to everyone, mindless of your ethnic or religious affiliations. Pondering on what to do today? This article has got you covered.

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Celebrate Christ

Like many Christian clerics would say ‘’Jesus is the reason for the season.” While celebrating, Christians are reminded not to forget the fact that today is not just set aside to eat and drink, it is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Messiah of the Christian Faith. In other words, today marks the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Reflect on your spiritual life

Most of us are so busy that we forget to reminisce and reflect on how we are faring spiritually. Christians on this day have the chance to look inward and do a thorough self-evaluation of their faith. You could decide to pray and read Bible verses and reaffirm your belief in the Christian faith.

Go Out With Friends and Family

Christmas only comes once in a year and then in few days, we go back to our normal life of waking up every morning to see off business deals and transactions, avoid reporting late to the office, or even travel for business purposes. Going out with friends or even your family to hit the beach, or some restaurants, Games Reserve, or even on tours is not a bad idea because this opportunity is rare.

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Look out For Your Neighbour

There is love in sharing. Pay visit to orphanage homes and share lovely gifts with orphans, reach out for the less privileged in any capacity.

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