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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Jemima Osunde

Jemima Osunde, popularly known as Laila, burst onto the scene with nothing but her acting skills and a sense of adventure. She started acting in the first year in University after her uncle introduced her to the industry. Ever since she has endeared many to herself with her phenomenal roles especially as Laila on the TV show MTV Shuga. 

Today, she has a big career ahead of her and has successfully juggled acting with a degree in Physiotherapy.

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Rise To Fame 

Jemima started acting about four years ago. The first role she ever landed was in Jungle Jewel, a movie produced by Ufuoma McDermott. At the time, she was on a path of self-discovery and was not entirely convinced that acting was right for her. However, things changed when Jungle Jewel got an AMVCA nomination. She decided to venture fulltime into acting after seeing the success of Jungle Jewel. She became even more convinced about acting after her uncle, who was a presenter, advised her to give acting a try. Eventually, she landed the acclaimed role of Laila on MTV Shuga and the rest is history. 

Her Impact In The Industry 

Many of Jemima’s past and present projects revolve around social issues. According to her, she tries as much as possible to go for roles that pass a message across to society. This has profoundly increased her impact on the younger generation of girls.

“I have girls who send me messages every day; I receive emails from all over the world. I didn’t know people in Thailand, Australia, even of recent, someone sent me a message from Canada that they love Laila, that she is amazing, they can relate to her. I have teenage girls who tell me about their relationships, messaging me because I try to keep my social media as open as possible,” she told The Sun. 

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So far, Jemima has ventured into other sectors of the entertainment industry, making her an influencer in every sense of the word. She currently models and she is a brand ambassador for LUX. Although Jemima has a degree in Physiotherapy, she is currently focused on entertainment but might do something with her medical degree subsequently. 

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