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Social Media Marketing Tips: 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For New Businesses In 2020

If you’re a business just starting out on social media, you would definitely want to start on the right note. While social media can be an intimidating terrain, there are some key fundamentals that can help any business make a good start. 

Below are 5 of such fundamentals 

Plan Your Content 

Before you start planning content, you should have an idea of the goals you’re aiming to achieve. Know what audience you’re trying to reach with your content. Have an idea of the time frame you expect to achieve your goals. When you have predetermined goals, you will be able to plan your content according to the objectives of your brand.

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You might have heard this over and over again but that only emphasizes how crucial it really is. Respond to comments on your posts and in your DMs. Visit other people’s pages to interact with them as well. Post clips of things you and your team are working on. Write engaging captions that tell the story of your brand. 

Make Your Business Searchable And Reachable 

Ensure you have a link of your website, a recent article you wrote or a feature phone number in your bio so that people can have a grasp of what you do. For instance, you can use free services like and Linktree to add multiple links to one URL on your Instagram bio. It is also essential to add your email to this link so that people can reach you easily. 

Have A Solid Understanding Of Marketing

Since content and marketing go hand in hand, it is important that you focus on honing your marketing skills once you have your content sorted out. Familiarise yourself with basic digital or inbound marketing tips depending on your goals. Having good marketing skills alongside quality content will significantly increase your chances of succeeding on social media. 

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Know Your Target Audience 

You can’t effectively market your content if you do not identify your target audience and what platforms they are on. Find out your target audience’s demographics – age, education level, occupation, etc. – and the social media platforms they are on. Knowing this will help you create content that resonates with them. 

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