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Sterling Bank Mobile App Panic Button To Protect Your Funds

Amongst food, shelter and clothing, safety is the one thing we all want especially when we are exposed to different ills that are beyond our control as citizens. The many stories that have been shared about people’s encounter with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have been appalling. For most, they have lost a lot that will not be recovered while some were able to recover theirs through the actions of Segun Awosanya (@segalink on Twitter) and his NGO. The irony of it is the need to be safe from the ones who are supposed to keep us safe as a country; the need to keep our property and funds safe from the ones who are supposed to protect us from armed robbers.

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As the main purpose of tech is to solve human problems and make life easier for people to go about their businesses. Sterling bank has integrated a panic button into their mobile application – Sterling One Pay to keep people’s funds safe from armed robbers and prying eyes even if they are family members that want to extort you.

Sterling bank is a commercial bank with the slogan – One-customer bank and has existed for over 50 years and completed 4 mergers with other banks. With a mission to deliver solutions that enhance stakeholders’ value, this solution is a long way doing that.

Are you in a location where you feel unsafe to access your bank app? Do you want to hide your account balance from those around you? The Sterling One Pay app has made it possible for all Sterling bank account owners to hide their account balance whenever they feel unsafe.

Sterling Bank mobile app’s panic password feature protects against robbery with the new feature on Sterling Bank’s mobile app, called panic password. If you’re accosted by robbers and forced to log into your bank app, entering the panic password during login causes the app to display only 1% of your bank account balance. The panic password is different from your regular password.

This requires account owners to download the One Pay app and activate the panic password. Whenever you are in trouble, you access the app with the panic password and not the regular password.

If you log back on with your regular password after using your panic password, the fractional balance is still displayed. The balance resets only after you’ve performed a transaction on the app, otherwise, the fractional balance remains the same no matter the password.

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For now, this feature is only available to Sterling bank owners; over time other banks would adapt a safety feature on their bank app because customers are king (aren’t they?).

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