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Top 10 2019 Social Media Videos

What better way is there to end 2019 than to have a list of resourceful videos at your disposal? We give you a recap of the 10 best videos of 2019 we’ve posted on our platform. These videos touch on various aspects and will not only entertain you but also educate and equip you with knowledge as you enter the new year. 

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How To Find Growth On Youtube ft Fisayo Fosudu 

This video is for creatives who are looking to grow their channels on Youtube. Being one of the most complicated social media channels out there, Youtube can be intimidating for many YouTubers who are just starting out. Nevertheless, there are a good number of Nigerian Youtubers who have found success on the platform. 

And just so you hear from the horse’s mouth, tech Youtuber Fisayo Fosudu and filmmaker Tayo Aina sit down to discuss what it takes to find growth on Youtube. They both have a considerable amount of subscribers on Youtube and are authorities in their respective fields. 

The Smoothie Prep Routine & Recipes I Use to Maintain a Healthy Weight – ZEELICIOUS FOODS

Smoothies are a very healthy alternative to raw fruits and can be helpful in your weight loss journey. Of course, if you want to start drinking homemade smoothies for health reasons, you would want to learn how to prepare them in the best way possible. This video by Zeelicious Foods, a food channel on Youtube, shows you a special prep routine and smoothie recipes you can use to maintain a healthy weight. 

How to Spot a FAKE iPhone XS Max in 10 Steps | 2019

If you’re going to buy an iPhone XS Max, then you should very well get your money’s worth. This is why, in this video, tech Youtuber lists 10 easy ways in which you can spot a fake iPhone XS Max. For the love of technology, he goes as far as buying a fake iPhone XS Max so you can see the difference between the fake and the original iPhone products for yourself. 

Make Movie Time Fun With This Easy Snack Recipe – Honey Popcorn – Zeelicious Foods

A movie is never complete without a pack of popcorn to go in hand. Moreover, there are times you just want to sit in the comfort of your home and watch a movie but you also want to add that “cinematic” feel to it (cue in popcorn, dark-room, and drinks). This is where knowing how to prepare delicious homemade popcorn comes to play. Watch this video below to learn this easy popcorn recipe. 

Tips To Make Your Home Look Fabulous – SisiYemmie 

It is only normal to want to have a beautiful home. It is where you lay our head after the day’s work and your home has an effect on your self worth whether you realise it or not. Contrary to what most would think, it’s really not difficult to create a fabulous look for your home. In this video, you will learn how you can transform your home with just a few tricks, tweaks, and techniques.

Just Say It – Lasisi Elenu 

On a segment by Ndani TV titled Just Say It, Instagram commedian Lasisi Elenu goes on an entertaining yet educative rant about some of the things he thinks need to change in Nigeria. Watch the video to find out if you can relate to any of the things he says. 

Just Say It – Akah Nnani 

On another entertaining episode of Just Say It by Ndani TV, popular Youtuber and actor Akah Nnani, who just recently tied the knot, rants about his experience as a newlywed in Nigeria and some of the bad pedestrian habits Nigerians should desist from. Watch the video below.

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Makeup Brands That Deliver To Nigeria And Africa – Dimma Umeh 

As a lady, it can be disheartening finding a makeup brand that you love but only discovering later on that they don’t deliver their products to Nigeria. It’s even when you buy the product at a cheaper rate only to realize later that it is fake. You don’t have to go through this as Dimma Umeh, a Youtube lifestyle vlogger mentions some of the foreign makeup brands that deliver to Nigeria and other African countries. 

Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps Of 2019 – Fisayo Fosudu 

Life is so much easier when you have resourceful apps at your disposal which help you get things done efficiently. In this video, you will get to learn about some of the best apps of 2019 that stood out for their functionality, compatibility with gadgets, size, and relevance. 

5 TV/Web Series To Watch On Youtube – Adenike Adebayo 

As long as you’re a movie lover and you have access to the internet, there’s really no reason to be deprived of watching quality and interesting movies. This is why, in this video, Adenike Adebayo, a movie critique and filmmaker, provides you with a list of interesting TV/Web series available for free on Youtube. Watch the video below.

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